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Savona, thief throws himself from the viaduct to escape the police: it’s serious

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A Savona a thief was burglarizing a car, but when a police patrol intervened he got into a car and fled. Pursued, he entered a dead-end street, made a U-turn and collided with the steering wheel: at that point flying, he abandoned the car, stole a bicycle and fled again. The policemen chased him: when he understood that he would be caught, he threw himself off a viaduct and was seriously injured, after a flight of about 10 meters. The protagonist is a 22-year-old Italian boy: he was hospitalized in code red at the Pietra Ligure hospital.

It all started a few minutes after 5pm on Monday in via Brilla, where it had been reported
a man burglarizing some cars. The first escape took place on board a Lancia Y: after a few hundred metres, the collision with the police car. Immediately after the impact, the driver of the Lancia ran away, stole a bike and got away.

A few minutes later, around 5.30pm, seeing the police back on him, the man got off his bike and
jumped off the viaduct. Vehicles from the fire brigade, two ambulances, the 118 medical unit, two carabinieri patrols and the scientific police intervened on the spot. The two officers in the car were injured in the accident.

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