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Say goodbye to painful blisters on your feet forever with these amazing methods

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Summer is coming and we can finally go back to showing off the shoes and sandals we love most. Often, however, whether they are old or new shoes, they can be painful and cause blisters to appear. It will have happened to everyone, at least once in their life, to have one. What perhaps not everyone knows is that there are natural remedies that we can use to feel relief and make them heal faster.

Say goodbye to painful blisters on your feet forever with these amazing methods.

What are?

The blister is a bubble of fluid that accumulates between the outermost layers of the skin. Often they are caused by friction and continuous rubbing with the shoe or excessive pressure on the foot. Contrary to popular belief, it is best to avoid popping them and removing the skin. Despite this, if the blister is very large, we can pierce it with a sterilized object, drain the liquid and disinfect the skin.

Say goodbye to painful blisters on your feet forever with these amazing methods

There are several natural remedies that we can use, fortunately, to make the bladder heal faster. The first is probably the best known and most widespread and it is water and salt.

Taking a foot bath in a solution of water and salt will help keep the area clean and avoid possible infections. It may burn a little, but we ensure it is very effective. Alternatively, we can replace the salt with baking soda to make the foot bath, or create a paste by mixing it with water and apply on the bladder.

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Nature helps us

To promote healing, an excellent ally is aloe vera. In fact, we can take a leaf, cut it in half and take its gel. Applying it to the blister helps to heal it and reduce redness.

If the blisters don’t give us respite, we can use chamomile tea. It is in fact very effective for relieving discomfort and anti-inflammatory the painful area. To do this, we prepare a chamomile tea and then apply its sachet to the bladder. Alternatively, we wet a sterile gauze with chamomile and put it on the bladder to find quick relief.

Another plant with a soothing power is undoubtedly the calendula. This promotes skin regeneration and helps reduce inflammation. In this case, we buy a cream based on calendula or its essential oil and put it on the bladder to relieve the pain.

Finally, perhaps not everyone knows that apple cider vinegar is a very effective natural remedy for fighting blisters. On the one hand it is able to disinfect the skin and on the other it promotes skin healing. To use it against blisters, we recommend diluting a cup of apple cider vinegar in water and letting the sore foot soak.


If our feet have these particular and annoying ailments we must absolutely not neglect them because they could be caused by the deficiency of this vitamin.

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