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Scalp: the secrets to taking care of it

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Scalp: the secrets to taking care of it

How to take care of the scalp with the right products: the complete guide

Being able to show off one beautiful hair, needless to deny it, is a source of pride. There hair health and well-being play an important role in terms of beauty for both women and men.

Maintain perfect health scalp, made from 100% skin, is essential for shiny, silky and soft hair. Taking care of the scalp in a summary or wrong way can put your hair at risk.

For this reason it is essential to intervene by exploiting the resources of the wide range of products and treatments available on the market, among which different types of shampoos, conditioners, masks and the best hair loss treatmentclosely followed by specific treatments for problems such as dandruff and itching.

Scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, serums and lotions: let’s discover the solutions to compose the correct haircare routine

L’haircare routinereserved for hair, consider first of all the choice of products suitable for the type of scalp, which represents the living part of the hair.

To treat and cleanse, among the products recommended by dermatologists we find a complete line of shampoos.

They range from anti-dandruff solutions to those for dry or oily hair, from detergents for particularly sensitive scalps to exfoliating shampoos, from fortifying shampoos to a whole series of solutions designed for those suffering from psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis.

And healthy scalp it is the consequence of a good cleansing process. The use of the scrub completes the action of the shampoo, to support cleansing and remove impurities more thoroughly.

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Il exfoliating treatment it must be used at least once a month, or in shorter periods if it is necessary to intervene more frequently.

A self-respecting haircare also includes the presence of balman authentic panacea for the scalp, provided that a regenerating solution is used, rich in moisturizing agents that are also ideal for the hair.

A good conditioner can replenish the thickness of the hair, making it thicker resistant and brightor provide an energizing formula as a complement anti-fall.

It is correct to follow cleansing with a treatment capable of reaching in depth. Having more time available, you can proceed with theapplying a maskable to repair and nourish the hair fiber, detangle, improve shine and softness, delicately treating even the most sensitive scalp.

In case of a quicker treatment, and without rinsing, you can avail yourself of the use of a nutri-repair creamto be applied with rigor also on the entire length of the hair.

To complete the haircare routine, the presence of a serum to repair the hair fibera lotion, useful in cases of desquamation, as a capillary mass multiplier or to soothe the itching sensation, or a protective oil.

Products and methods of application to obtain interesting results

For an excellent result, in addition to choosing the product, it is important to intervene with the correct application.

In case of onset of dandruff it is essential not to give in to the temptation to wash your hair every day, running the risk of weakening it.

The solution in these cases goes through the use of a shampoo capable of respecting the natural pH of the skin. It is also of fundamental importance not to exceed with heat sources.

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And sensitive scalp experiencing itching, burning, stinging or pain, should be treated with an ultra-soothing shampoo. The solution enriched with glycerin and panthenol is interesting, to be used even several times a week, taking care to massage carefully, insisting on the scalp.

Per repair dry and damaged hairand to give luminosity and brilliance, it is correct to use a nutri-repairing cream shampoo.

The formula that combines the richness of three vegetable oils with the strength of the keratino-complex is ideal, to give the fiber the essential components typical of a healthy hair. The product can be used constantly even several times during the week.

Counter the excess sebum formation on the hair fiber, and keep the balance of the scalp intact, it is possible by choosing to use a regulating product, which counteracts the reappearance of fatty matter.

For a optimal result all that remains is to apply the cosmetic on wet hair, massaging gently so as not to attack the sebaceous glands.

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