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Scar at the Fontana della Barcaccia. Gualtieri: “Permanent damage avoided”

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Scar at the Fontana della Barcaccia.  Gualtieri: “Permanent damage avoided”

breaking latest news – No damage was reported Barcaccia Fountain in Piazza di Spagna, today the subject of a new one demonstration action Of Last generation, the acronym activist who fights for the environment, which has poured black liquid into the masterpiece by Gianlorenzo and Pietro Bernini. The mayor of Rome Robert Gualtieriin a post on Facebook, ensured that “with the cleaning and reopening of the water jet, full functionality of the Barcaccia was restored. Water was sucked in to avoid deposits on the pipes and then a low-pressure cleaner removed the stains on the bottom and on the edges. Permanent damage was avoided only thanks to the timeliness of the intervention, first by the local police and then by the cleaning one”.

“Thanks to the municipal superintendency, to Zetema ad Acea, to Ama and to the decorum office for their rapid and effective operations – assured the mayor – now this magnificent fountain can once again fill Piazza di Spagna with beauty. The protection of the environment and the fight against climate change are battles that we share but not in the wrong and harmful way pursued today. Monuments must be respected, protected, loved, because they belong to everyone”.

Sangiuliano: “Extremely serious episode”

Immediately after the demonstrative action, Mayor Gualtieri heard from the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, and together they started assessing the damages. The restorer Sabina Marchi – reported Gualtieri – immediately went to the carabinieri, where the arrested perpetrators are located, to examine the substance and understand what could be the best intervention to avoid permanent damage to this splendid monument.

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The reaction of Minister Sangiuliano is harsh. “The umpteenth very serious episode this morning that hit one of Rome’s symbolic monuments, the Barcaccia Fountain in Piazza di Spagna, is the straw that overflows the vase. It’s time to say enough: we are faced with a systematic vandalism of our artistic and cultural heritage that has absolutely nothing to do with the protection of the environment”.

Schlein: “Searching for answers to frustration”

“These are methods that I don’t agree with, otherwise I wouldn’t be here” said Elly Schlein at the Tomorrow party in Modena. “That anger is manifesting because there is a frustration with the lack of answers from politics. I am there to seek these answers,” he adds.

The scarring in Piazza di Spagna took place today at 11:30 by three affiliates of the association who poured a substance, as denounced on the social channels, “based on vegetable charcoal”.

The message read: “It is absurd that this gesture shocks you, when we are experiencing a drought emergency that is putting agriculture, energy production in crisis… In short, our very livelihood, and there are those responsible”. All accompanied by several photos.

After the blitz, three people – two men and a woman – they were stopped by the police of the information unit and by the personnel of the police of Rome. Their whereabouts are now being examined. All three face a lawsuit for damages.

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