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Schillaci: “At work to motivate doctors and operators to stay in the NHS”

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Schillaci: “At work to motivate doctors and operators to stay in the NHS”

Minister of Health Emphasizes Government’s Commitment to Improving Healthcare Conditions

The Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, recently spoke at the opening ceremony of the academic year at the University of L’Aquila, highlighting the government’s dedication to strengthening the National Health Service and improving conditions for healthcare professionals.

Schillaci emphasized the importance of providing motivating economic and professional conditions for doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers to encourage them to stay in Italian healthcare facilities. He expressed his hope that those studying medical and healthcare professions would find rewarding opportunities in Italy and emphasized the government’s commitment to enhancing all healthcare professions.

The Minister also touched on the ongoing transformations in the healthcare sector, stating that innovations and new technologies would help renew the healthcare system and bring it closer to citizens. He assured that the government was utilizing all available tools and levers to follow this path of progress.

Schillaci’s speech at the University of L’Aquila, where he began his career as a researcher, held special significance, especially as the city was approaching the 15th anniversary of the devastating earthquake in L’Aquila. The Minister praised the university for its role in the city’s reconstruction and identity, making his return as Minister of Health particularly emotional.

As the government continues to prioritize public health, Schillaci’s remarks underscore the efforts being made to create better conditions and greater attractiveness within the Italian healthcare system, ultimately aiming to retain healthcare professionals within the country.

The Minister’s words at the University of L’Aquila reflect a broader commitment to improving the healthcare sector in Italy and ensuring a bright future for those studying healthcare professions.

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