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Schillaci: Decalogue on Nutrition is born, no to synthetic foods – Medicine

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Schillaci: Decalogue on Nutrition is born, no to synthetic foods – Medicine

“It was three days of intense work that allowed us to deepen the areas related to Nutrition by bringing out critical issues but also proposals that led to a synthesis of 10 actions to be implemented to make our nation resilient, citizens more aware and informed , the clinical and preventive nutrition services ready to give adequate answers overcoming inhomogeneities and inequalities, and which also has a clear no to synthetic foods among its 10 points”. Thus the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci, in his speech during the final day of the first National Conference on Nutrition “, during which the Decalogue on Nutrition was presented.

The national conference started from the assumption that a “healthy diet helps to improve the state of health, to prevent chronic degenerative diseases with a significant impact on health care costs and mortality”. From this point of view, “the Decalogue on Nutrition – he said – is an important result of a journey that today does not end but begins”.

Among the points of the decalogue, the promotion of the Italian Mediterranean diet, “a heritage of our land that we must recover, enhance and pass on” because strict adherence to this is “associated with the reduction of overall mortality by almost 10%”. Interventions aimed at combating malnutrition are also a priority, both due to lack, especially in hospital settings, and excess, or overweight-obesity, “which lengthens hospitalization times by an average of 55% with a consequent increase in costs and medical complications”. Furthermore, among the points, that of promoting correct communication on nutrition, making “validated and accredited information understandable also to counter false information” and, finally, bringing these topics “into the educational programs of primary and secondary school”, concluded the minister.

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Coldiretti: 84% of Italians declare themselves against the idea of ​​laboratory-produced foods to replace those grown in agricultureThis was revealed by an analysis conducted with Censis and disclosed on the occasion of the clear no to synthetic food pronounced by the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci among the 10 actions to be implemented for nutrition and prevention, at the conclusion of the National Conference. A decision – informs a note – appreciated by Coldiretti which together with Campagna Amica, World Farmers Markets Coalition, World Farmers Organization, Farm Europe and Filiera Italia has already collected almost half a million signatures to promote the law that prohibits the production, use and the marketing in Italy of synthetic food for which in 2023 the first applications for marketing authorization in Europe could already be presented after the green light from the FDA in the United States.

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