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Science, 3 thousand students compared (03/04/2023)

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Sensitize young people to correct scientific information. Assume responsible behavior for everyone’s health. Trust in research progress to improve the quality of life. This is the purpose of J factorthe project promoted by Digital World Foundation and Janssen Italy (the pharmaceutical company from the group Johnson & Johnson) whose third edition, entitled “More confidence, more health, more futureit was held in Rome in collaboration with Cittadinanzattiva among the students of the Plauto high school in Rome.

«It is an important opportunity for us to be able to speak to you students in a context, such as the school one, in which the activism and empowerment of the younger generations is built, also for the promotion of health and well-being. As an association, since 1978 we have committed nin the field of health protection and rights of citizens and for this very reason we have promoted the Civic Charter of global health” – he declared Annalisa Mandorino, general secretary of Cittadinanzattiva. “Our survey on a representative panel of citizens from European countries shows that 76.7% of those interviewed consider a strategy that guarantees global health, i.e. access to health for all, a priority. With the Civic Charter we intend to promote the awareness of citizens and institutions in favor of global health as a fundamental human right and in order to identify concrete actions to protect the state of biological, psychological and social well-being. Protection passes from the reduction of inequalities while promoting sustainable development for the health system,” explained Mandorino.

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After the over 200 thousand students involved to date, of which about 7,000 in Lazio alone, the Fattore J project continues its calendar of face-to-face and online lessons in various Italian regions involving over 3,000 high school students.

«Every day we collaborate with the key players in the health system, doctors, patient associations and institutions to make the best treatments available in the shortest possible time and in a fair way», he declares Monica Gibellinigovernment affairs, policy & patient engagement director of Janssen Italia, «We believe it is essential to support awareness-raising initiatives, such as Factor J, which contribute to instilling correct information and trust in science, because if our future depends on today’s discoveries, patients of tomorrow they will increasingly need people who continue to believe in science to be able to take care of them”.

The kids who joined Fattore J were also involved in practical sessions on podcasting techniques, video making, graphics and storytelling, to be able to try their hand at a great contest that will see them as protagonists in their story of the “health of the future.” The works of the young people will be selected and judged by an exceptional jury made up of professionals from the world of communication and science. The winners in the individual categories will be awarded in an event which will take place at Milano in May.

«Our country needs young people who choose to undertake studies in the medical-scientific field. Initiatives like these are essential for making students aware of correct scientific information and of resorting to prevention. Think that healthy behaviors today can positively influence health tomorrow»- he declared Myrtle MichiganDirector General, Digital World Foundation.

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This year’s edition of Fattore J was held on the occasion of World Health Day, established every April 7 by the World Health Organizationwhich this year also celebrates the 75th anniversary of its foundation.

Credit for opening photo and in the text: Fondazione Mondo Digitale Facebook page

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