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Scorzonera: what it is, properties and how to cook it

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Scorzonera: what it is, properties and how to cook it

Commonly called by various names, such as “winter asparagus”, the scorzonera it is a plant particularly appreciated for its edible root. It is a vegetable with a bitter taste which, if you are not familiar with it, is worth experimenting with.

What is salsify?

Salsify belongs to the family of Asteraceae to which, for example, also belong cardsil radicchioil artichoke and the Jerusalem artichoke. Among the various species, Scorzonera hispanica is one of the most widespread and cultivated. And it’s his rootdark black-brown on the outside and cream-white on the inside and characterized by a long and thin shapethe part most used for food consumption.

Although salsify remained less known and widespread than other vegetables for a long time, its tasteits beneficial properties and its versatility make it an interesting food to include in your preparations. Some chefs, in fact, choose to use it to create their gourmet dishes.

Properties and benefits

From a nutritional point of view, salsify contains mineral salts such as potassium, phosphorus and iron. It is also a source of vitaminslike those of group B and the vitamin C. In addition, salsify root contains inulina soluble fiber that promotes the correct functionality and well-being of the intestine.

How to clean salsify

Since you may stain your hands while cleaning the roots, it is advisable to wear gloves gloves. After having washed them well and having removed any residues of earth or dirt from their surface, you can start peeling them with the help of a potato peeler. Sometimes, to make the process easier, it is advisable to peel them after blanching them. A useful tip for keep them best until the time of use, preventing them from blackening, is to put them in water with a little lemon juice.

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Uses in the kitchen

In the kitchen, salsify offers multiple possibilities and can be consumed adapting to various culinary preferences. It lends itself to enriching various recipes, such as first dishes oh Side Dishes. Yes it can to boil, to fry, steam cook, baked o in the pancook in soups e stewsbut also use to prepare dishes delicious salads. An example of a preparation to try for the cold season is risotto with salsifycapable of enhancing the flavor of this ingredient and satisfying our palate with its creamy consistency.

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