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Scuter signs a three-year agreement with Iat

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Scuter signs a three-year agreement with Iat

Motor scootera startup based in Rome that has developed a three-wheeled single-seater electric vehicle, and Italian Aluminum Technology (Iat), a factory specialized in aluminum products based in Val di Sangro, in Casoli (Chieti, Abruzzo), have signed an agreement to three years for the production in Italy of the “Mark V”, the fifth version of the vehicle engineered by the startup: the first that will go into sharing service.

Scuter Mark V, this is its full name, is an electric single-seater vehicle, approved and registered for road circulation, patented and with characteristics suitable for urban use: it is connected and integrated with sensors that make it, according to the company, ” conceptually a smartphone with three wheels and an armchair “.

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100 km of autonomy and artificial intelligence

Equipped with a protective cabin, aluminum frame and accredited with a speed of 45km / h “for over 100km of autonomy”, this vehicle “can be driven without a helmet but with seat belts, and with any license from 14 years old. . Recharging takes place by replacing the battery, without having to park connected to columns.

The vehicle connects to a cloud platform based on Artificial Intelligence systems and a smartphone app, and the battery charging cabinet in the future will integrate smart grid functions ». Scuter Mark V is designed for the movement of users up to the medium range, “but also as a smart city platform for the Ecological Transition for the reduction of traffic and the decarbonisation of urban environments”.

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100 vehicles per day

“With our current structure and organization of the production site – explained Gabriele Scalzi, CEO of Iat – we can proceed with industrialization and build the first fleet in a few weeks, but we are already able to follow Scuter’s needs up to a production capacity of 100 vehicles per day. And if, as we believe, the initiative goes further, we are ready to evaluate further industrial agreements and investments with the partner to further scale up production and extend the time horizon of the partnership “.

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Produced in Italy

Gianmarco Carnovale, CEO of Scuter underlined how the choice to have the vehicle produced “in outsourcing in Italy guarantees us quality and gives us the satisfaction of demonstrating to the country that startups not only offer innovative services but can also have a manufacturing impact. This year we will launch in a first city that will be our permanent laboratory in which we will manage the service directly, and then move on to the phase of international scalability with distribution models that include both the openings of other cities under direct management and licensed partnership methods and also decentralized financial models, in which we will be the technological enabler ».

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Artificial intelligence

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Smart mobility infrastructure

Scuter is a startup, co-founded in 2015 by Gianmarco Carnovale, serial entrepreneur and innovation consultant with experience in launching technology companies and startup accelerators, Carmine Di Nuzzo and Gabriele Carbucicchio, motorcycle designer the former and manager the latter with experience as automotive entrepreneurs and Luca Ruggeri, electronic engineer with experience in ICT and telecommunications companies and digital startups. Scuter has its main office at the LVenture Group Hub in the Termini station and a mechanical design and engineering office in Caserta.

In 2015, the founders united around the idea of ​​decarbonising cities and reducing traffic by making personal urban mobility more efficient with a technological system designed, explains the company “as a smart mobility, data & energy grid infrastructure, integrated around to the first vehicle designed and engineered to be used intensively in a sharing service ».

The round with Cdp LVenture and Innova

After the intervention of a first group of business angels, an EU contribution and a crowdfunding collection that funded the first years of research, prototyping, patenting and road testing, Scuter in recent months has closed a Seed round of 3 million euro, which included an investment by Cdp Venture Capital Sgr in co-matching with LVenture Group, Innova and other Business Angels, a medium-term loan from Banca Intesa San Paolo, tied to the investment in the fleet, and the Invitalia Smart & Start incentive. Since its establishment, the company has raised € 3.9 million (Dealroom data).

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