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Seagate launches 2TB storage expansion card for Xbox Series X/S

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Want to expand the capacity of Xbox Series X/S? Now there are finally expansion options beyond 1TB. Earlier Seagate announced the 2TB and 512GB storage expansion cards for Microsoft’s latest host. The prices of the two are US$400 (approximately HK$3,120 / NT$11,150) and US$139 (approximately HK$1,080 / NT$3,870). It will be on sale in early December and mid-November. For players whose host storage is tight, they can all be considered.

Of course, even the small-capacity version is still a lot of money. After all, in order to ensure the experience, both Microsoft and Sony have hard requirements for the speed of storage expansion. This makes third-party manufacturers have to build NVMe products that are still not low-cost. If they want to buy them at a lower cost, they have to wait for the technology to become more popular.

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