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Second generation vaccines and the Long-Covid of mental health. An interview with Mantovani and Lingiardi

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Health Festival. The new vaccination campaign: interview with Lingiardi and Mantovani

“To win the battle against Covid we need new vaccines: easier to use and share, even more effective. Some, intended to counteract the variants, are already being tested, again against the Spike protein. One will be approved. This one will be approved. virus is a moving target, we must use the available weapons intelligently “. Like this Alberto Mantovani, scientific director of Humanitas and professor at Humanitas University, who spoke on the opening day of the Festival of Salute at the French Academy in Rome.

Regarding the third dose of the vaccine, the scientist answered the question of Daniela Minerva, director of Salute, reiterating the need to act: “The risk of not doing is great. Our concern is the ‘super fragile’, such as cancer patients, dialysis patients. Some data on this aspect are still fragmentary, but we must not be irresponsible. In the meantime we will learn. ” Without forgetting the steps forward since the beginning of the pandemic. “Those who get sick today have the opportunity to be treated better. We affirm this on the basis of the data”. It is the result of many things, the ability to diagnose, research, the partnership between public and private. “Italy has taught the world lessons on intensive care. We started with ineffective drugs, and today for the first time we have discovered a class of monoclonal antibodies potentially effective in the late stages of the disease. There could also be drugs that inhibit the cascade. inflammatory. But we still have a lot of rope to do in this climb. In the meantime we need to get vaccinated, against Delta the vaccines work “.

Health Festival: at Villa Medici in Rome, interviews, debates and readings to discover the new normal after Covid

Finally, an analysis on Long-Covid: “A condition that affects 13% of people with Sars-CoV-2 infection. Feeling of fatigue, involvement of the respiratory and cardiac systems, with myocarditis and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. A variegated picture, for which the United States has allocated over a billion dollars to do research. This is also a message that we must give to those who get vaccinated “.

On stage too Vittorio Lingiardi, psychiatrist and Italian academic, full professor of Dynamic Psychology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. When asked about the reasons that push people to refuse the vaccine, he replied: “There are many nuances and declinations, the galaxy no vax is an archipelago, with which it is necessary to confront. We must consider the difficulty of dealing with uncertainty, with something unknown, which generates fear. This is why dialogue, listening, the ability to persuade are fundamental. Unfortunately, at times we risk slipping into a hostile and unscientific attitude, which turns into aggression “. Lingiardi also talks about how trust in the authority of those who release information has failed. Between anecdotes and historical curiosities, he underlines how important it is to reach people who do not study and do not inform themselves in order to look to the future: “The next challenges depend on how we faced the challenges of the past. For some they were moments of reflection on the meaning of life and on their own experiences. We can talk about a Long-Covid of mental health “.


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