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seminar at the Sevel of Atessa

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seminar at the Sevel of Atessa

The Gabriele d’Annunzio University of Chieti-breaking latest news, the Sevel of Atessa and Aias, with a view to promoting the health of workers, have organized a conference at the Atessa plant, which has as its theme the promotion of physical exercise as a health promoting means. The role of physical exercise in maintaining well-being and preventing common chronic non-communicable diseases, such as obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus and some types of tumors, which nowadays represent a real emergency, will be addressed. health for the adult and elderly population of developed and developing countries.

The event, entitled ‘From prevention to the regional project Health gyms and safe gyms – The important role of physical exercise for our health‘, will be held on Friday 7 October and is part of the dissemination actions of the regional project ‘Health gyms and safe gyms’ promoted by the Abruzzo Region and by the Health Prevention and Territorial Medicine Service, of the Health Department, in agreement with the universities of Annunzio of Chieti-breaking latest news and of L’Aquila and with the partnership of the Sports Medicine and Hygiene, epidemiology and public health of the Abruzzo local health authorities.

The conference moderated by Barbara Ghinassi, of the University of Annunzio of Chieti-breaking latest news, and by Eugenio Siciliano, regional coordinator of Contarp Inail Abruzzo, will see the interventions of Alcide Massaro, Spsal director of the Asl02 of Lanciano-Vasto-Chieti, on the importance health promotion, Martin Oviedo and Filippo Spagnoli of Sevel, on corporate health promotion initiatives. They will be followed by Andrea Di Blasio and Pascal Izzicupo from the University of Chieti-breaking latest news, who will illustrate the damage of sedentary lifestyle and stress on human health and the international guidelines for promoting health through physical exercise. Adamo Ripani, representing the Italian Motor Sciences Committee, will close the day with an illustration of the regional project.

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“Creating awareness of the benefits deriving from the adoption of an active lifestyle – explain Angela Di Baldassarre and Giorgio Napolitano, project managers for the University of Annunzio in Chieti-breaking latest news – is the first step for behavioral change, in which must be accompanied by real opportunities to apply what is recommended by physical activity experts. The regional project ‘Health gyms and safe gyms’ was born with this very purpose, that is with the aim of promoting the culture of physical exercise together with the creation of a regional network of gyms and certified professionals, who work in synergy with health professionals, in the health area. The sensitivity and openness to this topic on the part of Sevel, the largest and most important company in our territory, gives us great pleasure and represents, in our opinion, a beacon for other territorial realities because it recognizes the importance of promoting individual well-being within the company balance sheet “.

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