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Seniors: Grandparents party with 2 months less than pension

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Seniors: Grandparents party with 2 months less than pension

Grandparents’ Day is approaching. In fact, October 2 is the official anniversary for this celebration that has become increasingly important over the years. But this year will certainly be a less joyful party than in previous years. Firstly, because in the last year so many elderly people have died due to Covid, more than 46,000, a frightening number that makes us reflect on how hard this pandemic is affecting our community and in particular the seniors, the grandchildren, the nuclei family members. Secondly, this year the Grandparents’ Day will be more bitter, because energy, gas, bills, war, elections and instability have effectively eliminated two monthly pensions to meet all these tasks. How will our grandparents in the face of such dizzying increases go forward? Senior Italia FederAnziani appeals to all political forces to find all the suitable solutions especially for the most vulnerable, both in the field of health and retirement.

Covid and the elderly

From October 2022 to date, the Covid grandparents have died. We cannot forget what has been happening in the homes of Italian families over the past two and a half years. Unfortunately, as in 2020 and 2021, it will not be possible to celebrate, as in previous years, a Grandparents’ Day full of joy and smiles. But the pandemic must be stopped: urgent action must be taken to stem it and stop this slaughter among the elderly, which deprives us day after day of these “living libraries”, of these custodians of our knowledge and memory. It is necessary and urgent to encourage new vaccinations, especially for those over 60, in order to cope with this emergency which, again, with the next autumn-winter season, risks becoming unstoppable. It is therefore essential to encourage new vaccinations, but also anti Covid prophylaxis for those almost 150,000 patients in Italy, who due to their onco-haematological pathologies, rheumatoid arthritis, or for having undergone organ transplants, due to the immunosuppressive drugs they take. on a daily basis, they can never be protected by any vaccine; for all these people the only possibility of having excellent coverage is the anti Covid prophylaxis drugs. It is time to actively intervene, evaluating all the necessary changes in the fight against Covid to protect everyone and even more the most fragile.

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The weight of the economic crisis

But the Grandparents’ Day, which unfortunately has already been marred by the specter of Covid in the last two years, this year is even more bitter: the economic crisis linked to the war in Ukraine that drags users to continuous surges, instability, uncontrolled cost increases are affecting the most vulnerable and elderly dramatically. And the result of this economic impact can be estimated in the figure of two months of pension, which literally pulverized from the pockets of our grandparents. In fact, the net annual average amount of pensions in Italy is 12,471 euros based on the processing of Istat data by the Senior Italia FederAnziani Study Center. A figure which also includes the thirteenth and which, divided by 12 months, corresponds to 1,039 euros. Based on data from ARERA – Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks Environment for an average Italian family (i.e. annual gas consumption 1,400 m³, electricity 2,700 kWh), an increase in annual expenditure is expected for 2022 (based on current trends) the bill for gas of 888 euros and for electricity of 672 euros, for a total of 1,560 euros. Now, if we add to this figure the overall increase in the prices of products and services in our country, we realize how in fact at least two months of an average pension are pulverized.

The appeal of Senior Italia Feder Anziani

Senior Italy Feder Anziani wonders how our grandparents will go on. Not only. If it is they, the grandparents, who have always been the backbones of Italian families, who have been so severely affected by the economic crisis, how will the families go on? During the years of the pandemic, grandparents in Italy contributed over 38.2 billion to household budgets. Without neglecting the importance of the time spent with their grandchildren, as well as the financial support provided in the purchase of goods of all kinds. Suffice it to say that during the pandemic years 92.8% of seniors helped their children and grandchildren financially, doing it often (48%), sometimes (34.7%) or rarely (10.1%), while only 7 , 2% never did. Among those who helped their children’s families, 41.8% transferred monthly between 100 and 500 euros, 8.2% between 500 and 1,000 euros, and 7.3% he even contributed more than 1000 euros each month. Figures that projected on the senior population lead to a total of approximately 38.2 billion. What will happen now? Who will help the families? How will our social fabric resist? Senior Italia FederAnziani appeals to all political forces to find the solutions to intervene on this situation, stem the Covid and the consequences of the pandemic on the health system and at the same time fight the economic crisis to save the grandparents and, with them, the Italian families. So that it returns to the Grandparents’ Day, at least for next year, its character of joyful party that it is right and right for it to have.

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