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Serengeti Park Hodenhagen: To the safari in the heath |  > – Guide – Travel

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Safari land and leisure park: The Serengeti Park Hodenhagen in the Lüneburg Heath offers a mixture of nature experience and show. Visitors encounter giraffes, rhinos and tigers.

A car safari in the Lüneburg Heath? The Serengeti Park Hodenhagen makes it possible. Visitors drive their own cars on a ten-kilometer route through the site. On the “Serengeti Safari” tour you will encounter giraffes, rhinos, zebras, baboons, elephants and many other animals that can get up to the cars. No gate separates the approximately 1,500 animals from the road. Visitors are therefore not allowed to walk into this part of the site.

Bus tour of the zoo

The giraffes don’t let visitors disturb them.

If you don’t want to risk scratching your car, you can take a bus tour of the park, which costs extra. In a double-decker it takes about an hour through the extensive enclosure with meadow and forest areas. There is a lot of information about the animals. Employees lure some of the park residents to the bus with food, so that there are exciting encounters with the exotic four-legged friends.

With the jeep to lions, rhinos and Co.

The safari tour combines nature experience and show.

A “jungle safari tour” also takes visitors up close to the animals. Open-top safari-style minibuses travel to selected wildlife stations. In addition, the cars roll over an off-road track that is not accessible to private vehicles. There, in addition to being close to nature, visitors will experience some technical special effects.

On a jungle safari into the world of the monkeys

Overall, the Serengeti Park is divided into three “worlds”: In addition to the so-called Serengeti Safari, in which visitors drive through the animal world of the different continents, the park sends its visitors on a jungle safari in the second area. This part of the site can be explored on foot and is mainly dedicated to the monkeys.

Numerous species of monkeys are at home in the park, some can be experienced at close range.

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200 animals from around 20 monkey species, including chimpanzees, white-headed lemurs and monkeys, live in this part of the park. The daily feedings are crowd pullers in the monkey world. Up to 15 chimpanzees belong to a family in the Amboseli Monkey Reserve, a hilly swamp landscape. It is only separated from visitors by a moat overgrown with reeds. At night and in winter, the great apes retreat to their 200 square meter house.

Adventure Safari: Amusement park with fast-paced rides

There are many attractions in the amusement park, such as the splash safari over Lake Tanzania.

The third large area of ​​the park is the so-called adventure safari, an amusement park with a Ferris wheel, roller coaster and chain carousel as well as music and hands-on shows. A total of more than 40 rides are available, including a giant pendulum swing and a 17 meter high drop tower. The big foot safari with monster trucks or an action course with quads are fast paced. In one part of the amusement park, everything revolves around water: the focus there is on wild water rides and manoeuvrable jet or speed boats. If you also want to be active, you can try the climbing garden.

Walking safari and overnight in the park

Some animals can also be experienced on foot in the park, and some enclosures are also accessible. In a large petting zoo, children can get to know alpacas, donkeys and goats up close. In the meerkat enclosure, the lively animals can be observed through large glass fronts. Playgrounds invite you to run around and kiosks, snack bars and a restaurant provide food. Guests can also stay at various facilities on site – in tented lodges, wooden cabins, converted double-decker buses or on a pitch with their own RV.

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Breeding program for rare animals and school offer

The white tigers are among the most spectacular animals in the park.

The park also takes care of the breeding of wild animals. Since its opening, more than 40 white rhinos have been born in the park. In addition, lion babies were born several times. There were also offspring among the Amur leopards, a very rare species in the wild.

The Serengeti Park also offers a “safari school” for school classes and youth groups: a digital range of topics for lessons and various age-appropriate learning modules on site.

Named after savannah in Tanzania

The Serengeti Park was established in 1974 and has been expanded several times since then. The park is named after a savanna in East African Tanzania. The Serengeti National Park there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1959, animal filmmaker Bernhard Grzimek made sure that the endangered animal paradise became known worldwide with his film “Serengeti Shall Not Die”. The documentary won an Oscar.

Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen

Am Safaripark 1
29693 Hodenhagen
Tel.: (05164) 979 90

Admission prices and more information on the park’s website

Map: This is where the Serengeti Park Hodenhagen is located

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