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Serious risk in this food

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Serious risk in this food

Urgent indications regarding a serious risk made known by the competent authorities. Beware of this product.

There is a serious risk reported by the Ministry of Health, which precisely indicates with these words the possible, serious consequences that this could entail. The situation is reported in a special notification concerning everything.

Fridge displays in a supermarket (Photo Canva – Ricettasprint.it)

The press release on this possible serious risk was published on the official website of the Ministry of Health, in the section dedicated to information of this type. It all took place for precautionary purposesas always happens in these cases and as required by the safety protocols designed to ensure full protection of consumer health.

The Ministry of Health it does nothing but follow, in this, the indications that come from the European Commission. Which has established a precise series of regulations to guarantee safety in the food sector, against any possible serious or less serious risk.

And so we learn from the food recall notification what kind of product it is. And what is the cause of the intervention by the inspectors in charge. In addition to all the useful data that can be used to recognize this article offered for sale in various distribution points in Italy.

Serious risk, urgent food recall

This product is subject to a risk which appears very concrete in relation to contamination da Listeria monocytogenes. Which is reported in the space to be filled in with the reasons for the recall.

Shrimps recalled (Photo Ministry of Health – Ricettasprint.it)

And we talk about Northern prawns in brine bearing the mark of Joy of the Sea. As the name or reason of the FBO in whose name the same has been marketed is Maxi Di srl. There is only one production lot indicated. It’s about the lot L 510 WS-B.

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The initials are instead present as an identification mark of the plant DK 2020 CE. The Listeria risk product is marketed in packs weighing 225 grams each.

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That drops to 125 grams once it’s drained. As an expiration date or minimum retention period it is indicated instead on 05/05/2023.

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Consumers who realize that they have purchased one or more units of this item are absolutely required not to consume it. The same must be returned to the point of sale where it was purchased, even without having the receipt. And you can have either a refund or a replacement with another type of goods from the same sale price.

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