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“Seven psychotropic drugs a day, then depression” – Il Tempo

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“Seven psychotropic drugs a day, then depression” – Il Tempo

Fedez Breaks Silence on Mental Health at Public Event

Italian rapper Fedez made his first public appearance since announcing a crisis in his marriage with wife Chiara Ferragni. Addressing over 350 students at the Turin Readers’ Club, Fedez opened up about his experience with mental health and the lack of attention it receives in society.

During the event, which focused on the importance of mental health, Fedez shared his battle with a rare pancreatic tumor and the mental health struggles that ensued. He emphasized the need for mental and physical health to be prioritized equally, pointing out that mental health is often overlooked in Italy.

Fedez also touched on the impact of social media on mental health, warning that the current generation is being used as “guinea pigs” in the realm of online platforms. He urged for more research into the psychological and social effects of social media, noting that it can create a parallel, virtual life that may not always reflect reality.

The rapper’s candid discussion shed light on the stigma surrounding mental health and the need for increased awareness and support. Fedez’s willingness to share his own struggles serves as a reminder that mental health issues can affect anyone, regardless of their status or privilege.

As Fedez continues to advocate for mental health awareness, his message resonates with many who struggle in silence. By using his platform to address this important issue, Fedez is helping to break the stigma and create a more supportive environment for those in need.

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