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severe cardiovascular problems for those recovered from the virus

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Covid hits the heart. In fact, of the patients who ended up in hospital, at least one in 8 develops serious heart problems after recovery. Not only pneumonia and serious respiratory problems, in fact, Covid can also cause serious cardiocirculatory problems: new research highlights how patients, who have developed a strong Covid infection, are likely to find themselves then also suffering from heart problems. A long-term effect that is manifesting itself in “recovered” from a bad infection.

Long Covid, the effects on the heart of the disease


The study was developed by the University of Glasgow and analyzes how thousands of British citizens, suffering from serious diseases, when they fell ill with Covid suffered severe attacks on vital organs and from there also debilitating heart damage: a worrying consequence given that between those hospitalized due to Covid there are many patients who already suffer from various pathologies that make them, therefore, weaker. It is even more serious, therefore, that heart complications can also occur.


Covid has been cataloged mainly as a lung infection but now experts, analyzing the effects that come after the infection even once healed, point out that up to one in eight patients, among those hospitalized, show evident signs of heart problems.

A team of experts from the University of Glasgow is studying the cardiac aspect of the disease by analyzing a sample of 161 Covid patients in recovery, among them 90% had been hospitalized and one in five had needed treatment high-level or intensive care. After one and two months of hospital discharge, their hearts, lungs and kidneys were checked.


The result of the analyzes? «About one in eight patients – explained Colin Berry, professor of cardiology and imaging at the University of Glasgow – had signs of cardiac inflammation. This is a high incidence ».

Research is showing that Covid-associated inflammation of the heart muscle – myocarditis that results from infection – can reduce the heart’s ability to pump and can also cause rapid arrhythmias.

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