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«She was very close to the boss»- breaking latest news

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«She was very close to the boss»- breaking latest news

They would have been Matteo Messina Denaro’s sutler. At their home, the boss, then the number one wanted man in Italy, would have lunch and dinner for months. On the charge of aiding and abetting and procuring non-compliance with the sentence, Emanuele Bonafede, nephew of the mafia boss Leonardo Bonafede, and his wife Lorena Ninfa Lanceri ended up in jail. The arrest, carried out by the Carabinieri del Ros, adds a precious piece to the reconstruction of the last period of the fugitive of the godfather of Castelvetrano.

The couple, according to the investigators, would have hosted Messina Denaro in his home in Campobello di Mazara “on a continuous basis and for several days”. The boss showed up at the spouses’ apartment, in the center of the town, punctually for lunch and dinner and spent hours in their company, coming and going undisturbed. Bonafede and his wife carefully monitored the road, making sure that no one could notice the movements of the guest who left the house only after their go-ahead. A real surveillance service filmed by surveillance cameras of several shops near the couple’s building, discovered by investigators.

The investigating judge who ordered his arrest, accepting the request of the prosecutor of Palermo Maurizio de Lucia, of the deputy Paolo Guido and the prosecutors Piero Padova and Gianluca De Leo, disputes the two suspects having guaranteed the mafia boss “prolonged assistance aimed at satisfying his personal needs and maintaining the state of fugitive”.

Furthermore, Lorena Lanceri she would have been very close to Messina Denaro so much as to manage its communications with a number of people who are particularly dear to him. A role that only those who enjoyed the absolute trust of the godfather played in the network of accomplices. With the arrest of the spouses of Campobello Messina Denaro’s supporters who ended up in prison rise to six. Same fate of the couple have had Andrea Bonafedethe surveyor who lent his identity to the mafia boss to allow him to undergo oncological therapies and to buy the car and the house in Campobello, Giovanni Luppino, the driver who accompanied the boss to the Maddalena clinic on the day of the blitz that put an end to his thirty years on the run. And again the brother of Emanuele Bonafede, Andrea, namesake of the surveyoraccused of having sent hundreds of health prescriptions to Messina Denaro e Alfonso Tumbarello, the doctor who would have treated the godfather for two years while he was on the run, giving drugs and prescriptions to his alias, even though he knew who the patient really was. A long list of collusions and covers that the investigators are slowly revealing.

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