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Shipwreck in Lake Maggiore, the yellow of the 007 on board: who are the victims

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30 maggio 202310:12

The boat could accommodate 15 passengers, but there were nine more on board. Why? An exchange of files between Italian and Israeli secret services and a boat party are involved

On board the boat overturned in Lake Maggiore they were present 007 Italians he was born in Mossad Israeli. Among the four victims of the shipwreck are also two Italians, as well as an Israeli and a Russian woman. These are members of intelligence Tiziana Barnobi e Claudio Alonziaged 53 and 62, of the 53 year old Shimoni Erezborn in Israel, and 50 years old Anna Bozhkova. The boat could accommodate 15 passengersbut there were nine more on board. Why? They have one to do with it file exchange between Italian and Israeli secret services and a boat party organized after missing a plane.

Carlo Carminati, the 53-year-old owner of the tourist boat that sank, has been officially entered in the register of suspects for shipwreck and manslaughter. The investigators will have to ascertain that he has complied with all navigation rules, taking into account any weather warnings and that the safety of passengers on board was guaranteed.

What caused the shipwreck The overcrowding of the vessel compromised the skipper’s manoeuvrability, especially in adverse conditions. The shipwreck was in fact caused by a
downburst, a sort of whirlwind which however differs from the latter on a technical level. In practice, it is a descending cold current inside the storm cloud: the column of air detaches itself from the condensation of vapor and then hits the ground with great force, spreading in all directions instead of vertically. However, the investigations also focus on two other factors: the late return despite the worsening weather conditions and, precisely, the too many passengers allowed on board.

What do we know A special occasion to celebrate, a meeting with friends, has turned into a tragedy. The house boat called “Good…uria” first capsized and then sank. At 19:20 she should not have been off the basin coinciding with the coast of Sesto Calende (Varese), but near the coast. Owner and skipper Carlo Carminati, 53, lived on the boat with his partner Anya Bozhkova, a Russian from the city of Bryansk in Italy with an unlimited residence permit. The boat had been launched in the mid-eighties, a 16-metre which, according to the technical data sheet published on the booking site, could accommodate 15 people. Around 7 pm bad weather surprised several boats in the lake, with strong winds and pouring rain concentrated in just a few minutes. The boat capsized near Lisanza, dragging the occupants into the waters of the lake. All except Anya who, according to an indirect testimony, would instead have fallen under her covered with her dog shortly before her, because she was frightened by the situation.

The missed plane and the boat party The boat set sail from the “Piccaluga” shipyard in Sesto Calende for a last-minute organized trip. According to the investigators, after meetings to exchange documents, the Israeli 007s had missed the return plane and therefore decided to extend their stay for another two days. Taking advantage of his friendship with Carminati, someone proposed the boat trip.

Who are the victims The first body to be recovered, late in the evening, was that of the retiree of the Israeli security forces, as confirmed by the Foreign Ministry of the Jewish state, sighted from the fire brigade helicopter. The second body recovered was that of Claudio Alonzi, originally from Alatri (Frosinone), a 62-year-old employed by the Italian secret services. The body of Tiziana Barnobi, 53 years old from Trieste, married with a minor son, also an employee of the Italian intelligence sector, and that of Anya Bozhkova were recovered by divers not far from the wreck, at a depth of about 16 meters.

The testimonials Some residents of the area witnessed the arrival of first aid. “We heard screams and went out, shortly after we heard sirens and saw helicopters,” said one woman. “I saw a boy arrive, I think the first survivor, he swam up here and raised the alarm,” said another resident. “I’m shocked, I didn’t know he was on that boat, then this morning I got the terrible news,” said Alonzi’s cousin, who is married and father of two. While the rescue vehicles were coming and going, a friend of Anya Bozhkova arrived at the shipyard from which the boat had set sail. “I was hoping to arrive and find out it wasn’t really about the two of them, but sadly it isn’t,” she said in her voice breaking with tears. “They lived on board, it was their home, I had taken a trip once.”

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