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Sia Opens Up about Recent Liposuction and Body Image Journey

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Sia Opens Up about Recent Liposuction and Body Image Journey

The singer Sia has revealed the reason behind her recent physical transformation, putting an end to speculation about her new look. The 47-year-old music star took to social media to share that she underwent liposuction over the weekend, attributing her weight gain to medication she had been taking in recent months, which she was unable to lose through traditional methods such as diet and exercise.

Sia, best known for hits like ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Elastic Heart’, admitted that her weight gain had been causing her anxiety and self-esteem issues, ultimately leading her to make the decision to undergo the cosmetic procedure. She emphasized the importance of being open and honest about her procedures, in an effort to combat societal beauty standards and to show her fans the reality behind her physical transformation.

The Australian performer, who recently married Dan Bernad in a secret wedding in Italy, expressed her gratitude for having the resources to alter her appearance, acknowledging that not everyone has the same access to such opportunities. Sia’s openness about her decision to undergo liposuction aims to prevent her audience from feeling pressured to meet unrealistic beauty standards.

This is not the first time Sia has been transparent about her cosmetic procedures, as she previously underwent liposuction in 2021 to address fat accumulation in her chin and belly. By sharing her experiences, the singer hopes to inspire others to embrace their imperfections and to be realistic about the changes they make to their appearance.

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