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Sick Germany after Corona because of Corona?

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Sick Germany after Corona because of Corona?

Germany is sick, sicker than ever before. Some legacy media already pointed this out in March 2023, such as “n-tv”[1] and the “Tagesschau” website[2].

However, the numbers listed here initially apply to 2022, where, for example, the “Tagesschau” complains that “Flu, corona and bronchitis in Germany led to the highest number of sick days since reunification in 2022”.

A study by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy is also cited, which claims to have found the following: sick leave in 2021 68 hours; in 2022 then more than 91 hours. There are no sources for the study, as is usual with these media. We have to believe what is served here.

And these lost work hours cost Germany between 27 and 42 billion euros. As a “disbelieving” reader you ask yourself why there are so many sick people, especially sick people in the younger age groups. Because we are not talking about sick leave among pensioners, but about sick leave among working people who are known to be younger than pensioners.

The reason, according to “Tagesschau”, is “flu[3], Corona and bronchitis”. Hurray, the flu is back. Where was she in 2020?

And why is Corona, of all things, partly responsible for these high losses, when 76% of all Germans are “fully immunized” = genetically modified with a “vaccination” that has an effectiveness of 95% or more?

Of course there are no answers to these questions. Here too we have to believe that flu, corona and bronchitis are the cause. And we must never question that, which is why further links to other sources are unnecessary.

At this point, “N-tv” and “Tagesschau” were still extremely confident that in the current year 2023 “The economy should grow slightly”which seems to be just as speculative as the explanation that Corona, of all things, is responsible for the poor balance sheet in 2022.

A particularly blatant example of speculation and dream dancing at “n-tv” is their final word:

“Part of the consequences (of the high sickness rate) is compensated for by overtime by healthy employees, and part of the lost work time is made up for by the sick themselves after recovery. In addition, in both cases increased labor productivity is likely due to increased work intensity, so that more is produced and earned per hour of work.”

So if many people are sick, then the healthy ones work more? Is this wishful thinking or is there relevant data for this? If the sick get better, do they automatically work more to catch up on their work? If they do it, they’re probably doing it in order to get sick again pretty soon.

The author of the article obviously assumes a work ethic in which the workers, full of cheerful courage, think of nothing other than fulfilling the plan… I mean increasing the gross domestic product. As if the workers and employees of this country had no other problems!

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In 2023 everything will look just as different

After “n-tv” and “Tagesschau” seemed to have gained courage for the current year in March 2023, based on their wishes, which flashed a number of elements of the GDR work ethic and ideology, the cold shower came. According to “NIUS”[4] As of August 2023, half of the employees were already sick this year. Here are some key details listed in the article:

In the first half of 2023, 50% of DAK insured people were sick at least once. On any given day, 74 out of 1,000 employees were on sick leave. The average duration was ten days. Professions with staff shortages are particularly hard hit.

The last point would severely question “n-tv’s” speculation that the healthy people work on behalf of the sick so that the target is fulfilled. If that were the case, then professions with staff shortages would hardly be affected at all.

Respiratory diseases are cited as the reason for the wave of illness. The DAK explained this increase “by catching up on infections and immunizations after the pandemic”. And sensitivity to illnesses in the workplace has increased after Corona.

A week later “NIUS” released[5] another article that tries to describe the influence of Corona on the desolate sickness rate.

Here we read that the illness rate for the first half of 2023 has never been so high at 5.5%. What is also new is that 99 cases of illness have already been observed among 100 employees in the first six months of this year. And that is over 60% more than in previous years. In addition, the number of respiratory diseases has doubled.

The question of why is no surprise. If there is a surprise, it’s the explanations that come out of your mouth.

Interesting explanations

The first explanation that “NIUS” offers is the federal government’s measures during the “corona pandemic”. Apparently our Minister of Disease Lauterbach would care too much about the heat not taking place than about coming to terms with the corona measures. One can agree with that. However, it doesn’t answer the question of why so many people are sick now.

We come a little closer with the explanations of an immunologist, Professor Radbruch. He explains the increased sickness rate as a direct result of the attempt to let the population live sterile lives during the “pandemic” and to prevent any infection at all costs.

This raises almost a dozen new questions for me. If I prevent infections through appropriate measures, then this has a postponement effect because the immune system only learns to deal with the infection later. So far so clear.

But were there measures during the “pandemic” that were able to prevent infections? Were masks, keeping your distance and, most recently, “vaccinations” able to prevent infections?

I can still remember well that in the first two years of the “pandemic”, despite measures and despite “vaccinations”, the official data supposedly showed threatening upward trends, which, if they were reliable figures, documented the complete opposite of prevention. I am therefore very skeptical as to whether the effectiveness of the measures has led to widespread prevention of infections, which is now being made up for.

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In addition, Mr. Radbruch forgets that with the “corona vaccinations” we have a tool in our hands that is supposedly 95% effective. And since 75-76% of all Germans are “fully immunized,” should Corona no longer play a role in sick leave?

Given this fact, another statement from Mr. Radbruch seems irritating. Here he is talking about “mucosal immunity”, a natural barrier that would have been disrupted by the Corona measures. What does this disorder consist of?

Answer: Due to the lack of training of certain receptors that help antibodies from the blood reach the surface of the mucous membranes. If these receptors were not trained by viruses, they would no longer function and would make it easy for the viruses. And hygiene measures and contact restrictions would have been so successful that infections would have been prevented, which would have meant less “training opportunity” for people’s immune systems.

I have to honestly say that I am irritated when Mr. Radbruch talks about how certain receptors transport antibodies from the blood to the mucous membranes. If that were the case, then there would have to be a lot of scientific work on how antibodies work on the mucous membranes in respiratory infections. And that doesn’t exist. On the contrary: the only antibodies that can be found on the mucous membranes are sIgA antibodies[6]which are formed in layers under the mucous membrane and dissected on its surface.

IgM and IgG produced by vaccination all remain in the blood and are therefore absent from mucosal surfaces. How then can they be effective there? Work that looked for these antibodies concluded that these antibodies do not play a role in the immune defense against respiratory pathogens because they cannot reach the mucous membranes.

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Hurray, we have the thief

Apparently DAK and the Ministry of Health would confirm this view, namely that the increased sickness rate is nothing but a catch-up of infections caused by the corona measures, which supposedly were able to effectively prevent infections.

Then numbers are brought in from the Robert Koch Institute:

“From the BMG’s perspective, the high level of sickness is primarily due to the RSV wave, influenza diseases and SARS-CoV-2 activity as well as the increase in bacterial infections caused by group A streptococci, pneumococci and Haemophilus influenzae in Germany since the end of 2022 to explain.”

What is interesting is that respiratory diseases are not only caused by SARS-CoV-2, but RSV, influenza and bacterial infections suddenly also play a role, which suddenly no longer existed in 2020. In principle, this explanation is not wrong. What I don’t understand in this context is why the wave of infections last year and this year is so high compared to previous years?

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Is the lack of immune training responsible here? Once again: The official figures from the RKI for 2020 and 2021 do not give rise to any suspicion of a lack of “immune training”. Because here there were measures upon measures to contain one wave after another. And let’s not forget: the hospitals were at the limits of their capacity.

Have they already forgotten this or was this information and all this effort nothing but a lie that is now being completed with another lie?

It becomes particularly grotesque when the high level of sickness is combined with increased sensitivity “regarding the transmission of infections in the workplace” is explained. That would mean that the sick people are not sick at all, but are just staying away from work as a prophylactic measure so as not to become infected with some kind of bacillus? Or does the sensitivity relate to an increased susceptibility to infection? Is there such a thing?

There is indeed an increased willingness to become infected, namely when the immune system is only functioning suboptimally, which has happened again and again in the past. But that doesn’t explain the high incidence of illnesses last year and this year either. Or are there events that have caused lasting and serious distress to the population’s immune system?

I’m thinking here of something that seems to be heavily avoided in these posts. And these are the “corona vaccinations”, which have the reputation of causing lasting damage to the immune system of those “vaccinated”.

If that is the case, then this would be a very plausible explanation why such a high number of cases can be observed in a population that is around 76 percent “vaccinated”.

The mere fact that the “corona vaccinations” are not discussed at all is suspicious enough to put these “vaccinations” at number 1 on the list of suspects. I have written a series of articles about why these “vaccinations” put a strain on the immune system or even switch it off:

There are also studies that have shown that unvaccinated people (children) are healthier than vaccinated people:


It’s great to see the fantastic explanations that are pulled out of a hat to explain excess mortality (not an issue in this post) and excess disease. No example is stupid enough not to receive even the slightest attention. There’s just one thing that doesn’t get any attention at all. And these are the gene injections that can cause such lasting damage to the immune system that illnesses are inevitable as a result.

Conclusion from the conclusion: Here too: It cannot be what is not allowed to be.

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This post was created on September 3rd, 2023.

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