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Sidewalks, cycle path and outdoor fitness area: this is the new center of Capannori

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Ribbon cutting for the new center of Capannori and the redevelopment and extension of the adjacent public park.

The most historic part of the provincial capital changes its appearance and becomes a more suitable place man, woman and child privileging sidewalks and cycle paths, instead of the road in the strict sense, and is embellished with cobblestone pavement in the stretch of via Piaggia that goes from the church to Artè.

At the same time, the park becomes an even more versatile space, with the construction of four new fitness areas for physical activity, with the creation of covered areas for relaxation or play and the installation of a spray fountain from below. .

The new center and park were inaugurated today (Saturday 18) by the mayor of Capannori Luca Menesini, the president of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani and the regional councilor for infrastructures Stefano Baccelli, flanked by the musical intervention of the Philharmonic ‘Giacomo Puccini’ of Colle di Compito, by the entertainment band La Campagnola di Marlia and by the athletes of the Genesi di Tassignano gymnasium who performed with the tools in the public park. To animate the center the artisans of Pandora, the Misericordia of Capannori with Santa Claus and Aldes! Spam with performances of music, dance and entertainment.

The regional councilors were also present at the event Valentina Mercanti and Mario Puppa, all the municipal council, the president of the municipal council Gigliola Biagini, all the majority municipal councilors and the president of the natural shopping center of Capannori, Marco Bertini.
The works involved mobility, lighting and urban furnishings and were financed with the Piu funds (Urban innovation projects), which overall amount to almost 4.5 million euros.

“From today we can say that Capannori, the capital of our territory, has the center it deserves – says the mayor Menesini -. For years the citizens and traders of this area have been waiting for a redevelopment that would bring beauty to this central area of ​​the territory, increasingly the site of services for the person and cultural and social activities. Beauty does not end with today. In the coming weeks, work will continue in via Romana to create the so-called ‘urban living room’ and the connection between the center will be completed. that today we inaugurate with piazza Aldo Moro, which means with the town hall. This redevelopment also marks another important concept visually: that inhabited centers must favor pedestrian and bicycle mobility, while cars must pass at 30 kilometers per hour. Alongside the urban layout, we have also taken care of the green. The Capannori park is now a park equipped for fitness and we have placed a spray fountain from below, which in the warm months can be a source of refreshment for everyone and fun for the little ones. With the money from Europe we have made Capannori a more European city ”.

“I congratulate the mayor Luca Menesini and his team for these works – says the president of Tuscany Giani -. Capannori is an important, central city, and thanks to European funding passed by the regional calls for urban regeneration, today Capannori is at the forefront. In fact, urban regeneration represents a strategic policy for Tuscany also with regard to the NRP and here there is already a taste of what we will be able to do in many territorial realities “.

“Urban regeneration is an important road for our territory and for Tuscany – adds the regional councilor Pods -. On Capannori we played a good team game and the result is beautiful. Capannori is at the forefront and we will work to ensure that this beautiful experience is repeated with funds from the NRP ”.

The redevelopment of the center. It was built in via Carlo Piaggia, in the stretch that goes from the church to the primary school, a new pavement with cobblestones that replaced the asphalt. In addition, the sidewalks on both sides have been widened and brought to street level. A cycle / pedestrian path and new parking spaces have been created. This road section will become zone 30. The interventions in via Piaggia followed those already carried out in the section between via Domenico Chelini and the Athena museum, where a sidewalk is under construction and where new LED lighting will be installed and the road will be resurfaced. Via Ghello, on the other hand, has been enlarged and a cycle and pedestrian path has been created. Work has also been carried out inside the parking lot in via del Popolo with the construction of pedestrian paths connecting the public park and a sidewalk and a cycle path on the north side of the church along via Romana Est.

Public park. They were built inside the park four fitness areas and some socialization areas have been created for citizens with pergolas and new urban furnishings, including tables and benches. Another important intervention was the demolition and reconstruction of the amphitheater tribune, which has been remodeled. The park has been expanded through the creation of longer pedestrian paths than the current ones. Finally, a bottom spray fountain was installed.

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