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Sileri on Sky TG24: With a decline in infections, a reshaping of the rules is necessary

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The rules relating to the use of the Green pass may be subject to changes, depending on the progress of the infections. To underline this, speaking on “Timeline” broadcast on Sky TG24, was the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, regarding the hypothesis of an exemption for entry into those commercial activities for which it would be mandatory to present the green certificate. “We see that the UK has already started a decline in cases, which means that they have been through the worst part of the ‘wave’ and the number of hospitalizations has not been as dramatic as could have been expected. And the same thing will also happen in Italy, indeed some Regions such as Lombardy are already seeing fewer infections: this will determine the need for a remodeling and, obviously, an adaptation of the rules with the new situation ”, he explained. It is necessary, at this moment, to wait for decisions, “also because this continuous search for information can only create confusion in the population. The truth is that the line is dictated by what is the trend of viral circulation. Right now we have a virus that is likely to create far fewer problems than expected, meaning we have a more widespread but far less bad variant, ”he said.

An increasingly vaccinated population


Coronavirus in Italy and in the world: news today 13 January. DIRECT

“We have a population that is increasingly vaccinated and thanks also to the obligation of the over 50s it will increase. There are those who say that the number of vaccinated people will increase a little but, be careful, because having a doubling of vaccinated people over the age of 50, who previously had not even come close to vaccination, means protecting them ”, Sileri reported about the Italian vaccination campaign. “Let’s not forget that it’s not over yet. We are probably moving towards the endemic phase, but the future for the vaccinated will certainly be safer than for the unvaccinated, and this will determine a gradual easing of any restrictions or what we live today “.

“The data must be explained, otherwise you get lost”

Among the topics touched by Sileri also that relating to the daily bulletin relating to infections in our country. “The data must be communicated. Indeed, they must be even more than those that are communicated, to allow for their interpretation and accurate analysis ”, explained the undersecretary. The daily report, therefore, must continue to be disseminated, “but the form in which it is presented is important. During the week there is a variability of these data, for example on Sunday and Monday there is a lower number of deaths while, usually, the same on Tuesday increases, and so we see the newspapers that headline that there is an increase in deaths: these numbers must be explained and spread on the weekly curve, which certainly gives a much better idea of ​​what is really happening. Data analysis must be accurate, but data transmission must also be accurate, ”he said.

The difference between sick and positive and the data on who goes to intensive care


Numbers of the pandemic: first cases or hospitalizations?

“What, however, is necessary today is to better explain the difference there is, and we have been saying this for a long time but with Omicron it is worth more, between sick and positive: the latter is not comparable to the first”, he explained Sileri again. And, equally important, it is “to explain who goes to intensive care, if these people have been vaccinated and how long they have been, what their age is: it must be said, for example, that the average age of those who go to intensive care is 10-12 years higher in vaccinated than in unvaccinated, ”he continued. What is the purpose of explaining this data? “It helps the population not only to be calmer but also to understand exactly what is happening,” he stressed. What must be paid attention to, ultimately, is not the periodicity of the bulletin, “but how this succession of numbers every day is expressed and explained, in which we continue to point the finger at the positives when, probably, the trend is to be seen, especially what are the hospitalizations, what kind they are and how long they last. The data must be explained, otherwise the population gets lost ”.

Allocated 500 million euros for the recovery of waiting lists

Finally, from Sileri a reassurance after the Italian Society of Surgery (Sic) had recently raised an alarm. “The reduction in surgical interventions in Italy is dramatic” and “often it is not possible to operate even patients with cancer because there is no ICU post available in the postoperative period”, said the surgeons, pointing out how the operative activity in all of Italy has been reduced by an average of 50%, with peaks of 80%. “500 million euros have already been allocated for the recovery of waiting lists, mainly for the outpatient area and partly for hospitalizations. What must be done, and on which we are working, is to increase these resources, as well as the indications that must be given to preserve what is the surgical activity ”, he announced. “It is right to occupy beds when there are none, but we preserve the surgical potential that otherwise will accumulate diseases that will create further damage in the future. And by damage I mean not only to the patient himself, but also to the national health service ”, concluded Sieri. “There is a table in the ministry, which is that of surgeons, and then there is also another one that is making a precise analysis, on regional data, of what are the performances that are accumulated at the moment, also for find additional resources to be allocated to the disposal of these same services which, unfortunately, are not guaranteed at the moment “.


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