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Siri’s tenth anniversary, foreign media: the star halo is lost | TechNews

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Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, has been launched for its tenth anniversary. At that time, this feature was launched when the iPhone 4s was unveiled. Although Siri caused a lot of market topics when it was launched at that time, it has been criticized by foreign media today as “Outside (Action) Device) is not as good as Google Assistant, and not as good as Amazon’s Alexa at home.”

So, “Hey Siri, what happened?”

According to the analysis of “The Verge”, Siri is not as popular as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The biggest reason is that Siri often hears wrong commands, and even simple and clear voice commands often make mistakes. This makes The user experience becomes very poor. Although Siri was the first voice assistant to enter the voice market, Apple is no longer the leader.

If you look back at the development of Siri in the past ten years, users will notice that Apple seldom invests more in the evolution of Siri’s functions. Even if the official claims are for Siri enhancements, it actually brings people a very different feeling of change. few.

In addition, “The Verge” also believes that Siri has very little support for third-party applications; for example, when a user wants to find a way through Siri, Siri will often ask you to open Apple Maps instead of mostly using it. Google Maps frequently used by readers; suppose the user deletes pre-loaded applications such as Apple Maps first, leaving only Google Maps, Siri will also ask the user to download Apple Maps when you need to query the map.

In addition, a lot of users hope that the voice assistant can use natural language to talk, instead of having to think about a specific command every time before giving a command, so as to avoid Siri not understanding and letting the command fail.

However, “The Verge” believes that the biggest factor in Siri’s failure is that Apple itself does not know the direction of Siri. For now, Siri is more like a way to control a device, but it can only be operated in a simple way; for Siri, Apple seems to have no greater ambitions to allow Siri to perform more complex tasks on behalf of the user. If Apple wants to save Siri’s current decline, it is best to reset Siri’s core competitiveness.

(Source of the first image: Science and Technology Newspaper)

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