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Sis118, test with bat drones to support rescue efforts – Medicine

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Sis118, test with bat drones to support rescue efforts – Medicine

Lightweight bat drones, weighing 72 grams, equipped with high resolution cameras capable of supporting delicate strategic difficulties of the rescue. This is the experiment announced by Mario Balzanelli, Sis118 national president.

“Thanks to the technological support provided by the Campania aerospace consortium Caltec, the use of the bat drone is already being tested – explains Balzanelli – The Seuam experimental project of Sis118 (Sanitary Emergency Urban Air Mobility) involves hyper-fast drones remotely controlled by the Operations Center 118 nanodrone vehicles (bat drones) equipped with high resolution video cameras capable of immediately supporting very delicate strategic rescue difficulties”.

The experimentation is conducted “with the prospect of equipping the 118 Operations Centers with the most advanced technological implementations capable of ensuring the real-time visualization of the most critical scenarios – underlines Balzanelli – in order to quickly identify patients who are missing or presumably located in areas difficult to reach and therefore to evaluate, in order to provide the most effective methods of assistance, the clinical conditions at very high objective risk of these subjects, particularly when the victims of an illness or trauma find themselves trapped in particularly narrow and difficult confined spaces. access with ordinary operating routes”.

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