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Skin care in autumn | Gesundheit-Aktuell.de

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Skin care in autumn |  Gesundheit-Aktuell.de

Now the phase of rest and regeneration begins. Not only does the change in nature awaken in us the need for security and contemplation, the organism also demands relaxation and “benefit”. Now is the right time to concentrate on your body and soul and stand up to the gloomy autumn mood. Our skin in particular now needs a lot of attention, with targeted care – especially the facial skin – it is now important to withstand the rigors of the weather.

Beauty programs for your skin

Beauty care and wellness, pure relaxation and escaping the stress of everyday life – more and more people are favoring a visit to the cosmetic institute for these reasons. Here, relaxation and care are professionally combined and a pampering program for body and soul is offered. The cosmetic studio becomes an “island in everyday stress” where body and soul can find peace. In a stylish atmosphere, every type of skin can enjoy a specialist treatment that prepares it for the challenges of winter and permanently protects it from negative (environmental) influences. Because what could be nicer than treating yourself to relaxing and soothing care in an hour of leisure – a specialist beautician will be there to give you advice and support – especially if you want to continue your type-appropriate care at home. Because this too needs to be accomplished! After all, every consumer is faced with a wealth of products. Which care is the right one for each individual should be decided by trained skin specialists.

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Skin cleansing – the basis for a radiant appearance

With all care programs, the skin should first be intensively cleansed. The start of the day begins with a thorough cleansing of the facial skin, as sebum and dust collect in the pores even overnight. Only when the skin is perfectly cleansed can the following care products develop their full effect. Effective cleaning should therefore become an integral part of the morning ritual. As the day goes on, the pores continue to be stressed, for example by sebum, make-up or environmental aggressors. As a result, cleaning in the evening is also an absolute must. In order to be able to regenerate effectively, deep pore cleansing is essential before using care products. Only then can the skin “breathe” again and the subsequently used care ingredients can have a nutritious effect with their respective active principles. But just like with cosmetic care, regularity is also important when it comes to cleaning. Only those who treat themselves to a combination of cleansing and care before every night’s sleep and before every start of the day can be armed and confident in the face of all negative influences.

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