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skin lesions and hair loss

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skin lesions and hair loss

I new symptoms of the Omicron variantespecially since we are talking about Omicron subvariants 4 and 5, have changed and many have reported different signs, which can lead to suspicion of being infected. These are not the usual symptoms such as fever, cough, cold, sore throat, vomiting and abdominal pain or those recently reported as dizziness and earache but less common signs.

Omicron variant, new symptoms not to be underestimated and unusual such as hearing loss and skin lesions

Two years after the start of the pandemic i covid symptoms have changed with the evolution of the variants. The guidelines have been updated and are talking about new symptoms such as blemishes, hearing loss, skin lesions and even hair loss. Among the symptoms reported, which was also mentioned in a study, there is hives and skin rash, presented by at least one in five patients. Usually the disorder goes away within a few days.

Another symptom of the new variants are the stains on the nails, for example horizontal lines that can form at the base of the nails or horizontal white lines that appear on the nails or a red crescent spot. It is a symptom that tends to appear in the days following the infection and that can involve up to 2% of patients.

48% had hair loss

Another symptom that may seem unusual but is not is the hair loss, which occurs one month after the infection. It is a common symptom, so much so that it was reported by 48% of the infected.

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The good news is that the hair then grows on its own without the need for treatment. Another sensation is hearing loss and tinnitus, which occurs in 3% of patients and in the case of tinnitus up to 4%.

Lately, when it came to the new Omicron 4 and 5 sub-variants, some symptoms such as ear pain and dizziness were also reported. Then there are the more classic ones such as runny nose, muscle pain, exhaustion, fatigue, sore throat and abdominal pain which continue to be the most reported.

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