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Sleep disorders, 12 million Italians suffer from it. And the choice of the pillow is fundamental

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Sleep disorders, 12 million Italians suffer from it.  And the choice of the pillow is fundamental

“Both sleep and wakefulness, if in excess, are a sign of discomfort”. Hippocrates, as early as 400 BC, recognized the importance of sleep for the proper functioning of the human body. It is no coincidence that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Yet there are many factors that can affect the quality of our night’s rest. According to the Italian Association for Sleep Medicine (AIMS), twelve million Italians suffer from sleep disorders. Women are the most affected, the percentage is around 60%. While children and young people represent 20% of cases. Data that warns of a problem that is perhaps too underestimated. Especially in light of the fact that, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of cases of sleep disorders seems to have doubled (Italian Society of Neurology).

Sleep is a very delicate process, and it doesn’t just matter how many hours we sleep, but also how, that is, the quality of our sleep. We all know the importance of sleeping in a comfortable environment, respecting a good evening routine before going to bed, avoiding overly heavy dinners and choosing a quality mattress that is suitable for our body. Aspects that play a decisive role in promoting proper rest during the night. However, we often overlook an equally important piece of this equation: the pillow, which primarily performs the delicate function of keeping the neck aligned with the rest of the spine.

“Sleeping is a personal experience, and a pillow that best matches our sleep habits is essential to ensure quality rest – explains Nightingold founder Samantha Chichi – we must imagine it as a tailor-made suit. It is a unique piece. It is designed and sewn on the body of a particular person, and as we know no two people are alike. The same is true when we sleep. Everyone has certain physical characteristics and their own way of sleeping with specific positions and behaviors. There are those who put themselves on one side, those on their backs, those who love to sleep on their stomachs, those who move continuously. When it comes to pillows, therefore, there is no one size fits all. To each his own, which best responds to personal preferences and sleep style. This is because the pillow performs a scientific function, that is to keep the neck aligned with the rest of the spine, so the head must go down or up to a level where the neck must be perfectly in line with the rest of the spine exactly as when we are in feet in a neutral and correct position ”.

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Sleeping affects the quality of our life. Failure to rest can cause multiple negative effects that go far beyond daytime sleepiness, the usual headache, or back pain. The general well-being of our body, both from a physical and mental point of view, is put to the test. The American Heart Association (AHA) includes sleep on its list of factors that can improve heart health. Further studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can cause metabolic changes associated with obesity (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). A study published in the journal Diabetologia found that people with insomnia have a 17% higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

“The choice of the pillow is very complicated – continues Chichi – it is necessary to understand people’s rest needs. We submit to each client a questionnaire that analyzes preferences, sleep habits and their physical characteristics, such as height, size of the collarbone and neck. Then we send a video tutorial explaining how to take these measurements. Once the answers to the questionnaire are received, a developer will speak with the person to follow them throughout the journey. It is a process aimed at making the client more aware of their sleep needs. Then there is the development phase, which lasts three to four weeks. We also send him video tutorials on how to place the pillow because it seems trivial, but it is not. So let’s try to understand if they are using it well ”.

The quality of rest is also conditioned by the way a pillow is made and the materials used. As happens with food. If we go to a restaurant where the dishes are prepared only with skilfully treated quality raw materials, and respond to the customer’s taste, we will eat with pleasure and satisfaction. “A pillow tailored to the needs of the person, using high quality products such as internal memory gold linings, which eliminate pressure points around the neck and head, and 100% pure linen pillowcases, which allow the pillow to breathe. , it will make our rest better and healthier ”, concludes Chichi.

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In short, if you wake up several times during the night, you will probably need to change your position or that of the pillow. Pay attention to it and if this happens, most likely your pillow does not favor your physical well-being and does not allow you to rest properly.

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