Home Health Slice an onion and put it in your sock before you go to sleep—everyone’s doing it, here’s why

Slice an onion and put it in your sock before you go to sleep—everyone’s doing it, here’s why

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Slice an onion and put it in your sock before you go to sleep—everyone’s doing it, here’s why

Are you about to go to sleep? Then you absolutely have to take an onion and put it in your sock: what happens is incredible!

Sleeping is one of the activities we love most, especially in the evening, after a really tiring day at work or at home with the kids.

Onion for bedtime – Credit: Adobe-Stock – Mammastyle

It is necessary for our health, in fact if we didn’t sleep we wouldn’t be able to live; our body needs at least 8 hours of sleep a day (more or less) in order to recharge and stay calm. Well, today, however, we want to reveal a secret to you: before to go to sleepyou should put one onion in the sock. Surely you are wondering why. The reason is very simple and we will explain it to you below.

If you’re about to go to sleep put an onion in your sock and see what happens: it’s truly incredible!

We have said that sleeping is one of our favorite activities, but it is also a necessary action to take for our body to function perfectly. In fact, sometimes, stress, anxiety and lack of sleep make us always feel tired and exhausted and we are unable to rest in any way, bringing more and more damage to our body, even if it is not imminent and not realizing it.

To prevent this from happening and to remain much calmer and more concentrated and above all to be able to sleep, we try them all: hot herbal teas, infusions, a hot bath, relaxing music, reading a book, soft lights. Everything that can make us calm is used. This time, to have different benefits instead, we will use a slice of onion. Now we explain to you what to do.

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to go to sleep
Sleeping onion method – Credit: Adobe-Stock – Mammastyle

The first thing to do is take an onion, remove the outer skin and cut some slices. Then take two slices, put them under your heels and put your socks on them and go to sleep; the next morning, remove the sock, throw away the onion and wash your feet with plenty of soap and water. All night you will surely have rested like an angel and you feel really energized to face a new day.

The reason this happens is very simple: the onion purifies the blood and with the folic acid present in it, it helps to purify it; removes bacteria present on our body and also tends to also purify the air eliminating it from bad smells and also in this case from bacteria present in it. It may seem strange, but it improves the air, the quality of your life and sleep. You just have to try it and see the results right away: they will be truly unique and above all well appreciated!

Don’t be afraid of the bad smells that your feet might give off, because in reality it won’t be that exaggerated; then washing them with a little soap will go away without problems.

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