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Slow metabolism? With these 7 foods it will no longer be a problem

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Slow metabolism?  With these 7 foods it will no longer be a problem

Slow metabolism can be stimulated through nutrition, with seven foods that make it faster.

What we eat has repercussions on the body both in terms of functioning and health and well-being. In addition to obviously following a healthy and balanced diet, to stimulate metabolic activity, it is useful to introduce and consume certain products more frequently.

Having a slow metabolism is a very common condition, but of which very few know that it is possible to stimulate it with special foods. According to some experts, in fact, it would seem that there are only seven products that can never be missing from a regulated diet. In fact, it is a question of rich but at the same time healthy foods, which give energy to the body and therefore allow the right amount caloric expenditure.

According to the scholars there are seven products that must never be missing in the diet: quality proteins, healthy fats, fruit and vegetables, whole grains, spices, green tea and lots of water.

Stimulate the metabolism with 7 foods (tantasalute.it)
  • Starting from protein prefer chicken, fish, lean beef, eggs and legumes and in general all those that are light and help the metabolism without weighing it down.
  • Fruit e vegetables they are the basis of a healthy diet and therefore must not be missing 3 to 5 times a day. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts and provide the body with much of what it needs;
  • I grassi they must be consumed, but the good ones such as avocados, nuts, olive oil and not the complex ones. These serve to support the function of cells and also hormones;
  • The spices they are useful for the metabolism because they stimulate it and make it faster. In particular, pepper, chilli pepper and ginger are to be preferred as they increase body temperature and burn more calories;
  • I Whole grains they must be eaten every day, not only rice, pasta and bread but also quinoa, oats and the like which thus allow for a lot of variety. These have a slow digestion so they help to feel full for a long time.
  • In the end the water, the valid ally for the operation of the organism and for the metabolism. Hydration is important for proper nutrient absorption, digestion, and weight loss.
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To activate a slow metabolism, a little healthy cannot be missing physical activity like a little running, a brisk walk, yoga. Even light exercise is fine as long as it is regular and therefore allows you to have a long-term and not just instantaneous benefit. Even starting with a simple 40-minute walk a day, starting to prefer the stairs to the lift, the bicycle to the car, are all tricks that greatly stimulate the metabolism and induce important changes in the body. The fundamental thing, whether it’s a diet or starting some activity, is constancy because only long-term changes give the desired results.

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