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Smallpox monkeys. The vaccination campaign starts at Spallanzani

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Smallpox monkeys.  The vaccination campaign starts at Spallanzani

ROME – This morning, atSpallanzani Institute of Romethe first ones have begun vaccinations in Italy against the monkeypox. The Capitoline hospital makes it known in a note. In accordance with the circular of the Ministry of Health of 5 August 2022, vaccination has no mass character but it is aimed at people at greatest risk of infection with Monkeypox viruslike the gay, transgender, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM)which fall within a number of risk criteria, and the staff of laboratory with possible direct exposure to orthopoxvirus. The vaccine is Jynneos (Mva-Bn), Smallpox vaccine based on live, modified, non-replicating Ankara vaccine virus, approved by Ema for the prophylaxis of monkeypox. According to the ministry’s plan, the Lazio region 1200 doses were delivered.

L’Spallanzani Instituteidentified by the Lazio Health Region Directorate as a regional hub for this vaccinationhas already started last Saturday to select the candidates by making available a public email ([email protected]), and counting on the collaboration of the network of centers of infectious diseases, HIV centers, PrEP clinics, sexual health centers in the regionand on the strong support of Lgbtqia + associations, associations for the fight against HIV, and the Rome checkpointat whose offices it will also be possible to select people at risk, by means of a protocol shared with the Roman Institute.

In these two days they have already reached the Spallanzani over 600 spontaneous booking requests and about 200 are already in appointment for the vaccination starting today. Thanks to the immediate organizational response of the Lazi regionor, of the regional health and association network, even after 3 months from the reporting of the first cases in Italiabegins a new phase of struggle and contrast to this epidemic, which the Who has since 23 July 2022 classified as a global health emergency.

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