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Smallpox monkeys, vaccine: 600 requests to Spallanzani in 48 hours

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Smallpox monkeys, vaccine: 600 requests to Spallanzani in 48 hours

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The vaccination campaign for monkeypox started today, Monday 8 August, from Spallanzani in Rome. After the circular from the Ministry of Health, which defined the modalities and the audience of immunization, the National Institute for Infectious Diseases is leading the way for the administration of the preparation in Italy, followed by Milan which will start the campaign this week. “In these 2 days, more than 600 spontaneous booking requests have already been received from Spallanzani and about 200 are already in an appointment for vaccination starting today”, said Inmi Spallanzani, in a statement.

Vaccine only those at greatest risk


Smallpox monkeys, the vaccination campaign starts today: what to know

“Thanks to the immediate organizational response of the Lazio Region, of the regional health and association network, less than 3 months after the reporting of the first cases in Italy, a new phase of struggle and contrast to this epidemic begins, which the WHO has classified since 23 July 2022 global health emergency “, added Spallanzani specialists. According to the plan of the Ministry of Health, 1,200 doses have been delivered to the Lazio Region.
“In accordance with the circular of the Ministry of Health of August 5, 2022, vaccination is not mass-based, but is aimed at people at greater risk of Monkeypox virus infection, such as gay, transgender, bisexual and other men who have sexual intercourse with men (MSM), which meet a series of risk criteria, and laboratory personnel with possible direct exposure to orthopoxvirus. The vaccine is Jynneos (Mva-Bn), a smallpox vaccine based on live vaccine virus, Modified, non-replicating Ankara approved by Ema for the prophylaxis of monkeypox “, recalled the experts of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases.

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Vaia: “It’s not a serious disease, but a good vaccine”

“The first vaccinations for monkeypox to risk categories as dictated by the Ministry of Health began this morning at Spallanzani. There was a great deal of participation and this means that people have understood the validity of the vaccine tool. : it is not a serious illness, but it is better that this game can be closed immediately to ensure that it cannot be extended to the rest of the population “, commented the director of Inmi Spallanzani Francesco Vaia.

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