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Smart heating is good for the environment and good for your wallet

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Smart heating is good for the environment and good for your wallet

Any heating system can become intelligent, without invasive interventions and without changing the radiators. It is well known that in Italy the percentage of dated properties clearly exceeds new buildings, and it is inevitable that, in order to effectively reduce the impact on the environment and on bills, it is necessary to intervene also and above all on the old infrastructures. For this, the technology available today provides great support.

We are in the field of IoT, the Internet of Things applied to home automation. With a device to attach to the radiators, and an app, today the miracle of optimizing energy consumption is accomplished, as well as having much better performance. IRSAP – Industria Radiatori Stampaggio Affini Polesana – is a European leader in the production of radiators and an excellence of Made in Italy. Over the course of its almost sixty years of life, the Polesine company has created real milestones in the sector. Tesi, the first tubular steel radiator in Italy, dates back to the 1960s, then it was the turn of portable electric radiators, up to Novo in the 1980s, the first Italian towel radiator, and one of the first in the world. .

An intelligent system compatible with the past

Among the first to bet on alternative energies with the establishment of IRSOL, already in the 70s, the company launched into the production of thermal solar panels and energy storage systems. Today IRSAP launches IRSAP NOW, a truly effective system that transforms a traditional system into an intelligent, wireless and multi-zone heating system, which can be customized in any type of home.

The IRSAP NOW system consists of four devices. There is the Connection Unit, essential for connecting the entire system to the home WiFi network. There is also a Smart Thermostat which, in addition to measuring the temperature with extreme precision, also detects the level of humidity and air quality inside the room; the Starter to optimize the switching on and off of the heat generator (boiler or heat pump); and finally, the Smart Valve, an intelligent thermostatic valve available in 20 different colors and compatible with all radiator brands and major valve manufacturers.

An intelligence spread to the entire (pre-existing) heating system with several very useful features, such as the Open Window function, which detects the opening of a window and temporarily suspends the heating in that room. The whole system is manageable via app, available for Android and iOS, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so it can also be controlled with the voice. An app that allows, among other things, to manage the electric radiators of the IRSAP smart range, without the need for a Connection Unit, since the radiators are already set up for WiFi communication.

Artificial intelligence for IRSAP NOW smart features

All the components of IRSAP NOW can be purchased individually – also directly from the IRSAP shop – and, to immediately understand the benefits of the offer, IRSAP provides the Smart Thermostat Kit, consisting of a Connection Unit and a Smart Thermostat and Smart Valve Kit. , a Connection Unit and two Smart Valves.

Among the features that characterize the intelligence of the IRSAP system, it is worth noting the different behavior depending on whether you are at home or away (Home / Away) and the Vacation mode for managing the system in the event of prolonged absence. The Artificial Intelligence algorithms included in the management software also help in the personalization of the planning. In addition to the three preset modes of use, the activation of geofencing allows the system to automatically adapt to your habits.

Finally, the independent and separate management of each area of ​​the house should also be noted, heating only where and when it is necessary, and the availability of statistics on consumption and use of each individual room.

IRSAP NOW is compatible with all radiator brands and major valve manufacturers and interfaces with modern heat generators. It is compatible with both centralized and autonomous systems, with boiler or heat pump, with radiators or underfloor heating, with single-pipe or two-pipe system. In case of doubts, the company provides a presale service in order to correctly size the system on specific needs, with which it is possible to get in touch by writing in chat on the site or by sending an email.

Finally, the Venetian company certifies that, thanks to a study carried out by the University of Bergamo, the transition from traditional mechanical valves to the complete IRSAP NOW system results in an energy saving of 42% to which a further 5% can be added by combining the Smart Valve to IRSAP radiators, and the related savings in the bill.

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