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Smartphones, do they really emit harmful radiation? The truth

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Smartphones, do they really emit harmful radiation?  The truth

We don’t know how to live without a smartphone now, anyone who owns one. Is the radiation they emit harmful to our health? The truth.

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How would we live without smartphone? This is certainly an interesting starting point, a useful question of which unfortunately we already know the answer. As we all know, in fact, these cutting-edge and technological devices allow us to carry out many activities throughout the day, becoming a full-fledged PC.

However, what is worrying is the radiation emitted by these, a disconcerting fact that has aroused the interest of many people: in fact, many scholars from every corner of the globe have taken steps to understand if there may be a radiation connection and health hazardin this case cancer.

Smartphone, is radiation harmful? The truth

Smartphone radiation
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The radiation and cancer issue has shaken the scientific community of the world because given the numerous cases of cancer, we want to clarify if there is any connection. Many studios are European and they come precisely from the Scandinavian countries: interesting one Danish study started in 2004 but extended for a decade in order to monitor a possible link. In the end, this study denied that this radiation could cause cancer.

The team that followed a Swedish study in 2005 demonstrating the absence of connection between pathology and cellular also reached the same conclusion. One I study British and German arrive at the same conclusions. However, we must not claim victory as there are other studies that have turned the matter upside down, thus reaching different, opposite conclusions, that is, positively affirming the harmful correlation.

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In short, the question is therefore open and therefore deserves to be further investigated. However, a distinction was made with respect to nuclear radiation, defining the latter as ionizing and capable of destroying human DNA, thus providing a high carcinogenic risk. We have to wait and continue the search to get tangible data with a high level of certainty, if in doubt, avoid sleeping with your mobile phone on or in the immediate vicinity.

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