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“So much silence, we don’t know anything about Edo’s death”

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“So much silence, we don’t know anything about Edo’s death”

PADUA – “It is shocking that more than two months later, we parents still don’t know what happened to our son”. Speaking is…

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PADUA – “It is shocking that more than two months later, we parents still don’t know what happened to our son”.
Edoardo’s father Enrico Zattin speaks. The student from Este, a town of 16,000 souls at the foot of the Euganean hills, who died at the age of just 18 on the morning of February 24 after receiving a violent blow to the head two days earlier while training to box in the martial arts gym Iron Dojo Team of Monselice, in the province of Padua.

The father broke his silence more than two months after the death of his Edo, because he wants to get to the truth. «On the evening of February 22, – he declared – Edoardo entered the gymnasium alive and came out dying due to a very violent blow suffered to the head, which caused the left side parietal fracture with consequent haemorrhage which, despite the surgery, resulted in death. This is what the hospital doctors told us from the outset, excluding pathologies or natural causes ».

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That day Edoardo had gone to school. At the end of the lessons he had returned home. At 18.50 he walked through the front door of the gym. He changed and went into the ring to start the training session. Edo, before the lethal blow, would have crossed gloves with a 35-year-old companion residing in Rovigo. The very violent punch above the left ear, he would have received between 19.15 and 19.25.
This period of time was ascertained thanks to a series of medico-legal findings. When the boy’s body was subjected to the autopsy, in addition to Professor D’Errico, author of the autopsy examination and appointed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the coroner Luca Massaro and the lawyer Sara Baldon appointed by Enrico Zattin, the coroner Giovanni Cecchetto and the lawyer Alessia Giolo representing Edoardo’s mother. Suem 118 was called at 20.18 that evening. Then, almost an hour later from the terrible punch received by the student. The ambulance arrived shortly after, at 8.27pm.
The boy, after undergoing a series of resuscitation maneuvers, was transported to the emergency room of the Civil Hospital of Padua where he arrived around 10pm. The blow caused him to fracture his skull case and cause internal bleeding. He also suffered a series of injuries to the right side of his brain. The student was admitted to the Neurosurgery ward, where he underwent a delicate brain operation to try to remove the hematoma. But unfortunately the doctors were unable to save his life and on the morning of February 24 he was declared clinically dead.
The prosecutor has thus opened a file for manslaughter against unknown persons. The carabinieri, coordinated by the prosecutor Maria D’Arpa, repeatedly heard who was present in the gym that evening. But everyone swore they hadn’t seen anyone hit Edoardo. But dad Enrico doesn’t believe in this version of events. “The code of silence that has arisen around the fact is equally shocking,” he concluded. Our hope is that clarity will be made and the truth will emerge ».

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