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so they won’t sting us anymore

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so they won’t sting us anymore

No more coils and sprays against mosquito bites. The credit goes to a PhD student from the University of Pavia

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Among the animals least tolerated in the summer are the mosquitoes. Small insects that, in addition to disturbing everyone’s sleep, love to suck the blood of humans and animals, leaving terrible and annoying bubons. Indeed these animals, every time they strike the epidermis, release some substances that our body detects as foreign.

It deals with histamine which thickens around the area affected by the puncture causing blood vessels to dilate. This is the substance that causes the famous bubbles that cause itching. To avoid being on the market, there are many products such as zampironi and sprays, but in the last few hours one has been made discovery incredible that everything will change.

Mosquitoes, a discovery changes everything

discovered how mosquitoes bite
Mosquito (Image by Mohamed Nuzrath from Pixabay)

To make this new and truly incredible discovery was carried out by a 27 year old PhD student at the University of Biology of Pavia Giulia Mancini who, together with her colleague Irene Arnoldi, published on “Current Biology“, A well-known scientific journal, a study that lasted 4 years on reasons and why the mosquitoes they sting the man. A real revolution for our summers, but not only. In fact, because with this discovery they can counter and fight mosquitoes and the multiple diseases they carry such as dengue, Nile fever and Malaria.

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Mosquitoes, thanks to the interaction of proteins with saliva they manage to stiffen the lip placed at the tip of the proboscis. This, once stiffened, becomes a real one arma of penetration capable of overcoming epidermis and tissues. The two doctors discovered the structure of this protein but above all they had the merit of understanding how to intervene on its interactions thus blocking the stiffening.

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A truly incredible discovery that will no longer allow mosquitoes to pierce human skin and suck blood. The doctoral student Mancini then focused on the work carried out, underlining the absence of the dreaded sting, which instead most people believe that these animals have. The studio has therefore identified this protein and the receptor responsible. And especially breaking the protein binding of the receptor is inhibited and mosquitoes are no longer able to bite. A truly amazing find that will change everyone’s daily life.

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