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“Some moments of this difficult day”

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With a post on Instagram, the beloved singer reveals the disease that hit his mother: his words go straight to the heart.

When the illness it hits a loved one, suddenly it seems to us that the world turns upside down and our priorities change radically. This is what happens to the Famous singer who, via Instagram, told of the pathology diagnosed in his mother and how that transformed him too.

The singer unveils the illness that struck his mother: “Some moments of this difficult day” (Instagram)

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It is a former face of Amici, winner of the fourth edition of the talent of Canale 5. We are obviously talking about Antonino Spadaccino, still very popular with fans sixteen years after his participation in the program.

With his followers, the talented singer wanted to open up without hesitation and share a very private aspect concerning the health of his mother. Unfortunately, the woman is suffering from one mental disease and Antonino recounts a day next to her by adding his own reflections.

“Take care of your time”: the singer confides to the fans the illness of the mother, words from chills

In the post published last November on the popular platform, Antonino talked about the day he spent with his mother. During a medical examination, the woman was diagnosed with a pathology which can lead her to forget some things.

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“Antonio, today during the visit, the Doctor told me that it may happen to me to forget things but I don’t want that to happen… so I found a solution… we have to do crazy things to create very strong memories…. Today after the medical examination will you take me to eat Americano? ”, Writes the artist, quoting the words of mother.

“These are some moments of this difficult day for me”, he then adds in support of a series of photos that portray him with his mother in the car while they eat french fries and chicken nuggets bought at the fast food restaurant. At this point, the former Amici winner exhibits his touching reflection on what he is experiencing: “From today, Time and Space will have an absolutely real value for me, to put it briefly ‘only if it’s worth it'”.

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Finally, Swordsman places emphasis on the fact that in Italy there is still a certain reluctance to address certain topics: “In our beautiful country we always talk too little about mental illnesses and most of the time we do it with embarrassment as if it were a taboo unfortunately. There’s nothing embarrassing about talking about it, ”he says wisely. A very important message that ends with an invitation: “Take care of it, take care of your Time”.

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Photo source: Instagram

The next day, he then released a video in which he thanked the fans for the solidarity and affection they showed him. We too send our sincere wishes to Antonino and his mother.

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