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Sony in North America marked the price of the classic game “Tekken 2” at $9,999, which caused the producer to respond to complaints – yqqlm

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Sony in North America marked the price of the classic game “Tekken 2” at $9,999, which caused the producer to respond to complaints – yqqlm

Just recently, discerning gamers discovered that the classic fighting game Tekken 2, released on the original PlayStation console in 1996, suddenly and briefly appeared on the modern PlayStation Store for players to buy, however, This classic retro game has been booked for a whopping $9,999. And when the screenshot of this mall page began to circulate on the Internet, it also attracted the attention of series producer Katsuhiro Harada, who responded on Twitter.

Obviously, this is just a small error in Sony’s backend, especially since the game is currently only available for free to players with a subscription to PlayStation Plus Premium, so this sky-high price of nearly $10,000 is of course only a temporary use. The “Placeholder” of the reserved space is like some products on the shopping platform that consumers do not want to buy temporarily.

In a Twitter post, Tekken series veteran Katsuhiro Harada responded: “What a fantastic price, Sony!”

At present, there is no way for players to directly purchase the classic game “Tekken 2” in the PlayStation Store. Like many old PlayStation classic games that are launched with the new integrated PlayStation Plus service, they can only be unlimited during the subscription period. There is no need to pay extra for membership fees. However, players can still buy some classic old games on the mall, and the price is usually set at around $5 to $10.

Although the new integrated version of the PlayStation Plus service was officially launched in the Asian market in May, the North American version was not officially launched until earlier this week, which may explain why North American players have recently seen Tekken 2″ There was an error in the price tag of 9,999. In addition, the North American version of the PlayStation Plus platform also includes many game lineups that have not been disclosed before, including 400 PS4/PS5 games, and nearly 300 PS3 classics can be played through cloud technology. Unfortunately, the original Metal Gear Solid, which was released on the PlayStation Now platform before the integration, has not appeared on this new platform. After Asia and North America, the three new PlayStation Plus plans for the European version will be officially launched on June 22.

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To briefly explain, the new version of PlayStation Plus provides four different plans – basic, upgraded, advanced and premium. The basic (Essential) plan is no different from the previous PS Plus service, including monthly free games, discounts and online play, etc. . As for the updated version (Extra), it includes more than 400 downloadable PS4 and PS5 game lineup, including “Death Stranding” (Death Stranding”, “God of War” (God of War), “Marvel’s Spider-Man” (Marvel’s) Spider-Man and Returnal console exclusives.

As for the last two plans, Deluxe and Premium, in addition to the above services, the former also allows players to play classic old games from PS2 and PSP platforms, and experience some new and new works for a limited time. This solution is available in markets that do not have PlayStation streaming services, and the top-of-the-line Premium Edition adds the ability to stream a wide range of PlayStation console games from past generations.

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