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SONY REON POCKET 3rd Generation Online Store Limited Time Special $1168 – Yespick

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SONY REON POCKET 3rd Generation Online Store Limited Time Special $1168 – Yespick

It’s a big hit as soon as it’s launched in April SONY REON POCKET 3rd generation, although it is licensed in Hong Kong this year, but it is said that the official website order will be available in July, and the price is $1499, while other shops are even more fried up to $1980, as for parallel imports from Japan, the most expensive is $1680 , but the online store Aiyo0o.com Just launched a limited-time special price of $1168, which also comes with a 2nd generation neckband and a 6-month warranty.

SONY REON POCKET 3rd generation This time, a new motion sensor and temperature sensor are newly added, which can intelligently adjust the air-conditioning level according to the ambient temperature and the user’s actions, such as static state or walking or exercising state. When the human body is still, the output of the fuselage will be lower. Air-conditioning performance, and when walking or in a hot outdoor environment, it will automatically increase the air-conditioning, no need to control by phone, the newly added automatic switch function, except for lowering it for 15 seconds, it will stop working to save power.

In addition, the newly launched special neckband NECKBAND2 has an adjustable angle design, which fits the human body better than the previous generation and caters to every action. Due to the adjustable angle, it is suitable for different clothing needs and fits better when wearing. , Even high-neck clothes can maintain air flow, reducing the impact on air-conditioning performance and body heat dissipation.

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