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“Soon vaccine for fragile patients”

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Regarding the third dose of Covid vaccine, “we will start very soon with immunosuppressed patients. The discussion is at an advanced stage to offer a third dose to the over 80s, to those hospitalized in assisted health residences, the Rsa, to health personnel. It will be a third dose of the vaccine, at the moment, prepared as the first doses, using the sequence of the original strain of the virus and this type of vaccine is also absolutely effective in protecting against the Delta variant. We will focus on compounds based on messenger RNA technology (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) “. This was stated, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, by the coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee Franco Locatelli.

“The introduction of the Covid vaccination obligation is a decision that is up to politics. Prime Minister Draghi and Minister Speranza were clear. It is one of the options to be considered, also feasible under Article 32 of the Constitution”, he adds. . During a session of the G20 at the Capitol, “we discussed the impact of the pandemic on a global level and the prospects for sustainable development. One of the 17 sustainable development goals identified in 2015 by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda concerned the maintenance of a good health at all ages. The fundamental objective is to try to ensure universal and adequate health care. But such a devastating pandemic risks slowing down or even blocking the path, forcing us to postpone the deadline set in nine years “.

Locatelli he says he is in favor of extending the green pass: “On a personal level, yes. All that is needed to encourage vaccinations and to strengthen the conditions to avoid the risk of infecting or being infected is in my favor. This too, in any case, will be a political decision”.

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