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“Soul Hackers 2” Announces Demon Summoner “Ash” and Saizo Special Introduction Revealing Demon Integration and Growth Elements “Soul Hackers 2”

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“Soul Hackers 2” Announces Demon Summoner “Ash” and Saizo Special Introduction Revealing Demon Integration and Growth Elements “Soul Hackers 2”
Combining the “Shin Megami Tensei” series with a sci-fi worldview, the spin-off “Demon Summoner Soul Hack”, which has many fans’ support, has entered its 25th year since its inception. “Soul Hacker 2” inherits the genes of the “Demon Summoner” series and “Soul Hacker”, completes the concept of evolution in a quarter of a century, and creates a new story between humans and technology.

The protagonist Ringo, as one of the new life forms Aion, cooperates with the “Demon Summoners” and runs around in order to avoid the destruction of the world. Use the demon summoner’s special item “COMP” to summon demons to sweep away the enemy! There are also facilities that can transform COMP and merge demons in hidden urban boundaries that are invisible to ordinary people. Communicate with the secret base at the bar, or perform visual quests related to the summoners’ past memory experiences to deepen the bond with your friends.

Can the desperados living in the underground society be able to avoid the fate of the world‘s destruction? A new hardcore RPG presented by ATLUS, which developed Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, was born!


Ash (CV. Shiori Izawa)

  • “We must not escape the fate of summoners.”

Demon Summoner of the Phantom Society. At first glance, it gives the impression of being straightforward and straightforward, but it also has a soulful and romantic side. It seems that he and Saizo were originally lovers, but they broke up for some reason. Participating in the killing of Saizo also seems unintended…?

【Saizo Special】

  • image

COMP: Tommy Submachine Gun

  • image


  • Affiliation: none

  • Height: 177cm

  • Interests: Advanced Audio

  • Favorite food: Marseille fish soup

  • Favorite place: frequent bars

  • Current passion: fine wine

  • What’s Laughing Lately: Old Comics Borrowed From Feige

  • Things to care about: The amount of reward for this task

  • Birthday: March 24

growth factor

It is good at using gun-type COMP to carry out gun-type attacks, and the adaptability of shock-type skills is high. Sazio moves fast, and is also good at using recovery skills and props to support him, so he can dexterously respond to various situations.

[System]Demon fusion and growth

Demon fusion

Demons can be merged in the circus and the Temple of the Demons in the Six Treasures Realm, and new demons can be created through the fusion of demons. You can use 2 demons for 2-body fusion, and there are also special fusions that can only be performed using specific demons as materials. It is also possible to set a variety of filter conditions based on the fusion result and then execute the fusion. Of course, there are also recommended fusions that can be selected from the available search fusions or the currently held demon combinations, according to the recommended fusion results. Whether you want to fuse carefully or quickly, you can find the most suitable method to create Zhongmo yourself.

Victor (CV. The Milky Way)

  • image

    “The fusion of demons is like a circus. The moment a new life is born is the top show time!”

The person in charge of the circus, the Temple of Karma, looks like a weird circus leader. It seems to be studying how to unlock the secrets of life through the fusion of demons.

  • image
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Zhongmo’s growth

After Zhongmo grows up, he can not only improve his ability status, but also learn new skills. In addition to general skills, some Zhongmo can also learn pursuit skills, which can be pursued when the magic feast is launched. Except for some specific skills, most skills can be freely inherited by demon fusion. Cultivate Zhongma in battle to make it grow, and then create the strongest Zhongma through fusion.

Gifts and Magic Crystals

After nurturing Zhongmo to grow and acquire all skills, you can receive gifts representing gratitude. The types of gifts are very diverse, including special magic crystals. Magic crystals are equipment items that can be equipped in COMP to exert their effects. They can increase the power of attribute attack skills, reduce MP consumption or use specific skills, etc. The effects are very diverse. According to the type of Zhongmo, the tendency of the magic crystals that can be received is also different. It is recommended to cultivate different Zhongmo.

[First Limited Edition]”Soul Hacker 2″ 25th Commemorative Edition

  • Supported platforms: PS5, PS4, boxed version / Suggested price: NT$3,190/HK$858
  • image

Included items

  • Soulhacker 25th Commemorative Music Album (3 CDs of 30 tracks)
    Featuring wonderful arrangements from the ATLUS Sound Team and the composer, MONACA!
    This original album contains 20 “Soul Hack” songs with modern arrangements, and 10 previous and present songs with soul and jazz arrangements, for a total of 30 songs.
  • Soulhacker 25th Memorial Book
    Including a special episode introducing the historical series over the past 25 years, as well as the newly drawn “Soul Hacker Visual Story”, staff interviews, various setting materials, etc., it is a commemorative book with more than 100 pages of rich content.
    ※ The above bonuses are all in Japanese.
  • “Ai Roar” model
    The protagonist Ringo × Jack Frost! Release the original demon “Ai Roar” diorama in the world’s fastest speed. The texture and weight are full of high-end sense, and it is a lovely model with a total height of about 8cm.
  • Special Costume DLC “Mary Style Maid Costume”
    A DLC that can replace the protagonist with the costume of the super popular character “Mary” of “Soul Hacker”.
  • “Ai Roar” DLC
    Unlock the additional demon DLC of the original new demon “Ai Roar” demon fusion.

※ Quantity is limited, while stocks last.

※ The images are all schematic diagrams in production, and the content may be modified without notice.

※The songs included in the “Soul Hackers 25th Commemorative Music Album” may be released in other forms or sold on other CDs after the game is released for a certain period of time.

Pre-purchase bonus Persona 5 Costume & BGM Set 2

DLC set content

  • Clothing: You can change the clothing of the player character in battle.
    Mirage (Ringo) / Pirate Armor (Arrow) / Red Rubber Bodysuit (Milady) / Prince Suit (Saizo)

  • Battle BGM: The BGM in battle can be changed to Keeper of Lust.

  • Accessory: Phantom Thief Mask (Effect: Greatly increase the critical strike rate of gunshot attributes)

※ The specifications of the pre-purchase bonus may be changed without prior notice.

※ The number of pre-purchase bonuses is limited, while stocks last.

product Overview

  • Product Name: Soul Hacker 2

  • Game platform: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows10/11, Steam
    ※Only the digital version is scheduled to be sold on platforms other than PS5 and PS4

  • Release date: On sale on August 25, 2022 (Thursday)
    ※ Steam version is expected to be released on August 26, 2022 (Friday)

  • Suggested selling price: NT$1,790 / HK$468

  • Game language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese subtitles / Japanese voice

  • Game category: RPG

  • Number of players: 1 person

  • Sales: Seiya Co., Ltd.

  • Game Rating: Auxiliary Level 15

  • Official website: https://asia.sega.com/soul-hackers/cht/

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