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“Sparkling Warmth” welfare activity “Light Moon World” opens | 4Gamers

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“Sparkling Warmth” was updated on September 14th, and the limited-time induction event “Angel’s Prayer Song” was re-enacted. Players will have the opportunity to obtain the set “Light Whispers of the Day”. The limited-time welfare activities of “Light Moon and Earth” are simultaneously launched, and the new suit “Purple Rose Dream” will be launched on “Fantasy Sea Streamer”. More welfare resources and the latest gameplay are yet to be explored by players.

The induction activity “Angel’s Prayer Song” will be reproduced for a limited time, conveying gentle power and light

The limited-time induction activity “Angel’s Prayer Song” will be re-enacted before September 20. Use the “Children’s Heart Scroll” to have the opportunity to obtain the set “Light Words of the Day” and the designer’s shadow and memory echo. After collecting the “Light Talk” set and the designer’s shadow, you can obtain it through “Achievements”.

figure 1

During the event, accumulate stored value up to the designated exclusive experience, that is, receive the event induction props “Children’s Heart Scroll x 10” and a large amount of material rewards
, “Children’s Heart Book” and other theme packages are recommended in the mall-Angel’s Prayer Songs page for a limited time for players to purchase.

image 3figure 2

Limited-time welfare activity “Light Moon and Human World”, holiday letter welfare is available for a limited time

Before September 23, the limited-time welfare activity “Dengyue Renjian” will start. During the period, players will visit the designer every day to complete the commissioned tasks, and then they will receive the festival chapter and generous rewards. Accumulated designated number of festival badges can be exchanged for “Light Moon World” at the “Festival Shop”. From September 21st to September 23rd, players can log in to the game to receive a welfare email. The email contains “Pink Diamonds x 200, Gold Coins 18,888” “.

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Figure 4

“Illusory Ocean Streamer” brand new set is online, pre-announcement of exciting content

From September 15th to September 24th, “Extraordinary Ziluo Embellished Dream” and “Rare Diamond Starry Night” will get a limited time probability of UP in the Magic Sea Streamer. With the new extraordinary set “Ziluo Embellished Dream”, the mall will be available for a limited time. The magic coupon gift pack is on the shelves.

The purple transparent fringe floral yarn resembles soft petals, and the cut on the chest resembles a butterfly’s wings staying in a purple flower field. With layers of overlapping thin silver chains and finely divided amethysts, you can see violet flowers blooming in the warm breeze of mid-spring, swaying Ping Ting.

From September 14th to September 23rd, the “Limited Time Memories Shop” will update the products on the shelves, including premium materials, re-engraved resources, etc., which can be purchased with pink diamonds or gold coins. Optimized for “photographing” when matching works are stored in personal albums, players You can modify the name of the matching work, more exciting game activities, and invite the matchmaker to log in to experience the Shining Warmth.

Image 6Figure 5

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