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Sparkling water, which is the best: the ranking of Altroconsumo

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Sparkling water, which is the best: the ranking of Altroconsumo

There are many brands of sparkling water that differ from each other. But which is the best? Here is the ranking drawn up by Altroconsumo

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Although the summer is now over and the warmer months are now behind us, thehydration it always remains a pillar for people’s health. In fact, the body must continuously receive the necessary amount of water to carry out physiological functions. According to experts an adult should hire at least one and a half liters of water per day.

Sparkling water: here’s what is the best on the market

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Aqua (Pixabay)

Proper hydration is capable of regulate body temperaturefrom support metabolismfavor it disposal of toxins and help maintain the correct elasticity and tone of muscles and joints. This is why it is important to hydrate as well as possible. For environmental reasons the recommendation is to consume tap water, but if this is not possible Altroconsumo has drawn up the ranking of the best natural sparkling waters on the market.

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They have been analyzed 75 bottles on the market taking into consideration three parameters: bottle (type of openness, solidity and environmental impact), labeling (information related to water quality), content (presence or absence of mineral salts, contaminants).

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Just off the podium they are classified Grazia e Ferrarelle, respectively with 54 and 52 points. In third place is the Lete with 58 points, while in second position is theOlive grove (which had placed first in 2021) with 59. The best, therefore, according to Altroconsumo is the In the afternoon with 65 points.

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