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“Speaking in italics”, Elisa Esposito explains what it means

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“Speaking in italics”, Elisa Esposito explains what it means

It was not a bolt from the blue, because he has one quasi 800mila follower on TikTok she is certainly used to the often exaggerated reactions of social networks. And yet, the young woman was a little surprised Elisa Esposito, from the attention and indignation raised by a video of his in early June in which he explained how to speak in italics. Yes: just to speak, we were not wrong to write.

Below we explain what cursive is (indeed, cörsivœ), but first let’s say who it is, Elisa. She is 19, just hours before our chat he dealt with the oral exam of the Maturity (“in the future maybe I will open a beauty center”, he told us), lives in Milan and at the end of 2020 he opened a profile on TikTok of considerable success: as mentioned, almost 800 thousand followers and over 27 million likes, completed by almost 270 thousand followers on Instagram. On social network most loved by the very young (but not only by them) she is known as La Prof, because she looks a bit like a teacher, complete with glasses, grades and register, and precisely because she teaches to speak in italics: “I started doing it in October 2021”, she told us on the phone. Perhaps it wasn’t the first, but it doesn’t matter: without a doubt, it was the one who did it with the most consistency and obtaining the best results.

Social network

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Italics and boomers without irony

The video above should help you understand what cörsivœ is (explaining it in writing is not easy), but if it were not clear: it is a way of speaking that plans to keep the vowels are narrow but a little draggedwith a slightly high-pitched tone of voice that somehow makes fun of the most snobbish and radical chic Milanese, those who once called themselves jocks.

On the Prof of Cörsivœ, Elisa has built her character, gathered acclaim, accumulated followers and probably earned a lot of money, relies on a talent agency, works in the so-called influencer marketing sector and it is also active on Only Fans (things?)Everything went well until the beginning of June, when he decided to publish a short clip designed specifically for duets: you can hear it say some words in Italian and in cörsivœ and invite people to share the video by trying to imitate it. In short, learning to speak in cörsivœ.

The video was a huge success (over two million views, almost 130 thousand likes, 17 thousand shares and 6 thousand comments), but also caused a lot of controversy, unleashed comments of insults, offenses and threatsso much so that a couple of weeks later, Elisa had to publish a clarification video to reiterate that “I don’t talk like that in life, it’s just something I do on social media”.

He had to reiterate this because obviously it was not so obvious, especially to adults: “I received so many comments of criticism, mostly from older people, someone even posted videos wishing me death, gathering a lot of support – he told us – It was frankly incredible “. But why now? In the sense: why in June, if you have been doing this for more or less 8 months? According to Elisa, the reason is the growth of her popularity from late 2021 onwards: “Before I was not so well known, and this cörsivœ thing was not so widespread – she explained to us on the phone – Last fall I gained 300,000 new followers in a month and a half, then I grew even more to touch 800 thousand. And this probably brought on the page so much public that is not my audience, so many people who did not know me “. And they clearly didn’t understand the irony of this way of speaking.

Which, however, seems to matter little to her: we asked her if this experience made her feel more sad and worried or more angry, but “I didn’t feel either sensation – she replied after a few seconds of reflection – I think that if people don’t understand, it’s a people’s problem and not mine. I go my own way, and as long as they work, I will continue to create this content ”, without worrying too much about haters. To create these contents and to speak in cörsivœ, with all due respect to the boomers.

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