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Sport and social, the blue Olympians gain space in the shadow of Ronaldo

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Farewell wrong of Ronaldo, that “thank you to all” became a viral phenomenon despite the error (or perhaps by virtue of the error), closes a season. We leave the purely football evaluation to others, but there is no doubt that CR7 has pulled the sprint to Italian sport and to Serie A, in particular sui social: not only for the numbers it has brought and changed, but for the strength and constancy of the example in posting.

The exit from our borders, a very nuanced concept for social media, it won’t take much away from Ronaldo, for sure Juve will suffer more, but there is the whole Olympic sport that can take advantage of an opportunity.

Jacobs and the other phenomena, the secret was underfoot

by Pier Luigi Pisa

When the reigning European national football team returns to the field, with an audience fragmented again by the return of the players to their respective clubs, the blues #ItaliaTeam that we discovered and known for the Olympic Games are preparing to return to the field with an original and unpublished sequence. Olympic medalists have a karst existence: they come to the surface, many almost suddenly, every 4 years (first news: now there are only 3 years left to the Olympics in Paris, and already in a few months there will be the winter ones in Beijing which, although concerning other disciplines), but now a spectacular September is announced for them.

First the parade in Monza on the 12th on the occasion of the Italian GP, ​​then the reception at the Quirinale da Mattarella on the 23rd, exactly the kind of events needed to refresh the fame of the Azzurri heroes.

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Ferrari first among women
Fame that in the meantime Iquii wanted to photograph with a studio that offers some interesting data. Female front: on the eve of Tokyo the most consistent fan base was that of Federica Pellegrini, over 2 million, it is normal that its growth, even with the emphasis on the fifth consecutive Olympic final, was only 7.5%. The growth of Vanessa Ferrari, finally a bronze gymnast, after so many unfortunate attempts, grew by 42% and by 93 thousand units, is much more consistent. The other performances worthy of recording were those of the athletes Gaia Sabbatini and Luminosa Bogliolo, which, not rewarded by the results, have nevertheless conquered the public for their attractiveness. Antonella Palmisano, who won the 20 km walk on her birthday, grew by 52%.

But the most spectacular result ever was that of Imma Testa, first Olympic medal of an Italian in boxing: the more than 18 thousand followers he earned thanks to the bronze are worth a 121% growth in the fan base.

Olympic Games

Thus the victories of Jacobs and Tamberi are a help for the well-being of all

by Luca Corsolini

The sprint of Marcell Jacobs, also online
In the men’s field it is easy to imagine who has grown the most. With a warning: before the Games, Federica Pellegrini’s counterpart, perhaps we should say the blue CR7, was volleyball player Ivan Zaytsev, with a fan base of over 880 thousand followers, which has grown by not even 5 thousand units due also to an injury that has had a significant impact on the disappointing games of Blengini’s national team. Marcell Jacobs, with the two gold medals, newspaper and TV services not only in Italy, actually grew by 627%, reaching 652 thousand followers, light years away from the improvements of Gianmarco Tamberi, gold above, + 194%, and his partner in the 4×100 relay Filippo Tortu, + 106%.

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Here she is 4×100 relay, a gold of the most celebrated, is a good case to analyze: it has increased the fans of Lorenzo Potta by 514% and those of Eseosa Desalu by 169%. Destiny similar to that of Vito Dell’Aquila, the first ever gold medal for Italy, a young man from Mesagne who seeks a future in sports journalism to tell more and better about his discipline, taekwondo: it has grown by 340%.

Doing an analysis by sport, the greater growth, and you can already see it offline, athletics has had it, speaking of the sum of those present in Tokyo, even for a record participation. The fan base gathered around the Federation’s social networks is also the one that has grown the most: 12.8%, against 5.1% for basketball.

What will happen now, just over a month from the emotions of Tokyo? As mentioned, there are first Monza and then Mattarella. Were that not enough, the news, not just, concerns Marcell Jacobs: the agency that follows him for social networks is Fedez’s Doom. We are trained with the “Coca Cola red lips” by Ornella Berti for the whole summer, let’s get ready for the blue gold medal shoes. And maybe Ronaldo takes it too.


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