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Sport on the weekend, is it useful to train only on Saturday and Sunday? Advice

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Sport on the weekend, is it useful to train only on Saturday and Sunday?  Advice

A new study investigated the effects of training concentrated in the last days of the week. Here’s what’s useful to know

They call them “weekend warriors”. Female and male (athletic) warriors for just 48 hours, given that the weekend is the only time in which they can dedicate themselves with commitment to physical activity. Never mind that the WHO suggests dividing sports practice over all 7 days: being a weekend warrior means making a virtue of necessity. According to a new study, however, we learn that even those who compress their physical activity into one or two days a week could obtain benefits in terms of fat loss similar to those obtained by those who manage to be active more regularly.

A team of researchers used DXA (dual-energy regular, daily exercise routines had significantly lower levels of abdominal and general fat than inactive people. In short, reaching the total weekly amount of recommended physical activity can be equally effective, whether this is distributed throughout the week or concentrated on the weekend. Based on the data, the researchers suggest that the ideal amount of weekly physical activity—150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity and two days of muscle strengthening—can be done consistently throughout the week or for one or two days (and not necessarily on the weekend). In both cases an effect on the reduction of body fat is achieved.

So are dedicating yourself to physical activity only on Saturday and Sunday or training constantly the same thing? Not exactly. While the study findings provide a new perspective on exercise programming, researchers caution that the health benefits associated with regular physical activity are greater. In addition to fat loss, daily physical activity has been linked to improved cardiovascular health, greater mental well-being, and greater physical strength and flexibility. And the “weekend warrior” approach, while effective for fat reduction, may not encompass all of these health benefits to the same extent. Therefore, the advice is to find a balance that not only addresses body composition but also promotes health and well-being. But at least, those who just can’t dedicate themselves to physical activity on a regular basis know that a more versatile and personalized approach to fitness, which adapts to the complexities of contemporary life, is now possible.


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