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spot checks, a ton of foodstuffs seized and 5 activities sanctioned

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spot checks, a ton of foodstuffs seized and 5 activities sanctioned

I Carabinieri of the Nas of Parma as part of the recent food safety checks carried out in the provinces of Parma, Piacenza, Modena and Reggio Emilia, found hygienic-sanitary irregularities which led to administrative fines for a total amount of over 13,000 euros for 5 businesses. Overall, 1,115 kg of food products were seized.
A Parmaa cold bar-table was inspected, where the soldiers of the Parmesan Unit found, in the refrigerated cells, about 9 kg of foodstuffs (eggs, cream and spices) that had expired, which were destined for direct disposal in self-control. For this reason, an administrative fine of 2,000 euros was imposed on the business owner. The workers also found health and hygiene deficiencies in the food preparation room and the presence of irrelevant material in the storage room. The failure to prepare the ingredients and allergens book and the failure to show the training certificates for food staff relating to two employees were ascertained. For these criticisms, a formal notice was issued against the legal representative.
In the province of Reggio Emilia :
– the operatives seized 1,100 kg of food products (mainly cured meats and cheeses), with a commercial value of around 5,000 euros, found inside a food depot that was found to be without health authorization and in precarious hygienic-sanitary conditions characteristic of the previous dirt present in all premises, also affected by rodent droppings. Administrative sanctions were imposed on the legal representative of the business for a total amount of 3,000 euros;
– 32 packages of materials and objects intended to come into contact with food (glasses, plates and paper cutlery) were subjected to administrative seizure at a toy store because they lacked the mandatory information in Italian on the label. An administrative fine of 3,000 euros was imposed against the owner.
A Modenaat a supermarket, hygienic-sanitary deficiencies were found inside the food storage rooms with formations of cobwebs on the walls, dust and old-fashioned dirt on the surfaces as well as several missing or damaged false ceiling cladding panels. The carabinieri subjected to administrative seizure 15 kg of meat found packaged inside the cold room without the mandatory indications regarding traceability. Furthermore, the failure to display the sign indicating the prohibition of smoking and the failure to display the training certificate for food personnel relating to an employee of the business were ascertained. Administrative fines were imposed on the responsible lawyer for a total amount of 3,440 euros.
In the province of Modena, a bar-diner was inspected where hygienic-sanitary deficiencies emerged in the warehouse and kitchen areas characterized by the presence of widespread dirt on the flooring, cobwebs on the walls, excessive ice formation and residues from the previous conservation of raw materials groceries inside the chest freezer. The military also found critical issues in another room of the activity used as a food and crockery storage, where the walls showed peeling and damp spots and there was various material unrelated to the activity, amassed in such a way as to prevent cleaning and of sanitization. The omitted updating of the menu and in particular the omitted detailed indication of the allergens for each type of dish was also found. Administrative fines were imposed on the legal representative of the business for a total amount of 2,000 euros. At the request of the Nucleus soldiers, personnel from the Modena Ausl intervened on the spot, which issued prescriptions also aimed at the immediate evacuation of the storage room lacking health and hygiene requirements.
In the province of Piacenza the military of He’s in Parmaand the Carabinieri Company of Piacenza checked a pub, noting slight hygienic-sanitary deficiencies inside the kitchen area as well as the presence, inside the storage room, of packaged foods in direct contact with the floor and in promiscuity with unrelated material to the activity. The non-implementation of the self-control procedures relating to the rodent control and disinfestation plan was found, due to the failure to dislocate and position the relative traps inside the room, and the training certificates for the food staff relating to two employees of the activity are results that have expired and are not suitable for the tasks performed. A formal notice was issued against the owner aimed at resolving the identified critical issues within 30 days.

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