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start vaccines against infectious diseases

Emilia Romagna flood 2023

Marshes, waste and mud have aroused concern for a possible health emergency due to the proliferation of mosquitoes and non-reclaimed water. For this reason, a free vaccination campaign against infectious diseases has been launched.

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Emilia Romagna flood 2023

It will still take days, at least a week to dry up and reclaim the water in the towns affected by the flood in Emilia Romagna. In addition to water, there is now the problem of disposing of the accumulated mud and the health emergency risk that the flood has brought with it. The swampy state of towns like Conselice, in fact, could lead to a new mosquito invasion.

After the heavy rains and the red weather alerts that gave way to the orange ones due to hydraulic risk in the region, there is now the problem of water in the inhabited centers and in the cellars, where people have to return to live. To remove the waters from there and obtain results in a short time, according to experts, it is important to increase the number of dewatering pumps. With the right number of machinesoperations may take a week.

However, what is aspirated must necessarily return to the rivers and for this reason a large quantity of mud will be diverted towards the Adriatic Sea. The water quality will not be affected, but for at least a month the mud could continue to arrive from the mouths.

The risk of landslides after the flood.

The risk of landslides is connected to the hydrogeological situation. There have already been about a hundred landslides in the more hilly areas, but it is necessary to prevent these phenomena from further compromising inhabited centers and roads. Also blown up the sewage systems, which are almost entirely to be reconstructed. The sewers clogged with water, in fact, they do not allow the flow of sewage towards the purification plantsthus increasing the health risk.

For this reason, the mayor of Conselice has signed an ordinance requiring citizens of areas still flooded to leave their homes. There were moments of tension with the residents, exasperated by the precarious situation and the consequent provisions given by the authorities.

The vaccination campaign

To avoid the risk of a health emergency, several free vaccination campaigns have been launched for residents. Administrations against tetanus and other infectious diseases began yesterday in the community house of the union of municipalities in lower Romagna. The marshes, in fact, multiply the risks associated with the proliferation of dancing they transmit i virus Chikungunya, Dengue and Zika.

In Faenza, on the other hand, the waste issue arouses great concern, so much so that two large areas have been dedicated only to the storage of materials recovered in the water. In Cesena, where the mud of the Savio has now been cleaned up, an initial survey of the damage was started: in 48 at least 1,600 households reported problems with homes, cellars, garages, warehouses, cars and furnishings.


As we begin to think about reconstruction and compensation for damages, Giorgia Meloni asks for “flexibility on funds” to be allocated to the victims. There are several sources on which Italy can imagine basing the post-disaster path: from 6 billion euros for Italian Recovery anti-instability projects to the European Solidarity Fund which already helped the region after the 2012 earthquake.

Sergio Mattarella’s visit

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will visit the places affected by the flood on Tuesday 30 May. After the visits of Ursula von Der Leyen and Giorgia Meloni, President Mattarella is preparing to go to the places of the disaster.

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