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Starting to think and practice living again. XI Agora

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Start thinking again
and practice living

XI Assembly
Wednesday 21 February, 6.00 pm
On the Zoom platform, to access:
Enter Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 857 0450 8254
Access code: 832076

The Forum’s next initiative will delve into issues relating to housing.
They will talk about it: R.Mezzina, M.Magnano, P.Pellegrini.
If you look closely, the history of psychiatry is nothing other than a history of living.

We could not imagine that “once the asylums were closed” we could free ourselves from these burdensome traditions. In the preparatory meetings we highlighted the centrality of the problem. To speak of the right to live, the words “residences” and “structures” have become useless. Words that now define an undifferentiated and sometimes unknowable quantity of situations. Words that increasingly cover real institutional and reclusive tendencies. Focusing on the often final and conclusive recourse to “hospitalization in a facility” simply represents the persistence or return of solutions which in no way differ from forms of institutionalization that we know well and which have little to do with strategies of recovery, of autonomy , of integration.

The delegation of healthcare companies to a private individual who often ends up out of control has worsened the situation and made individual regional experiences incomparable. It matters little, one might say, whether it is a private business or a social one. The forms of control and management of healthcare companies play on terrains that do not consider, by definition in the tender specifications, the meaning of that very delicate step which is offering the possibility of a life “worth living” to people. And the best intentions of the most attentive social cooperatives are of no avail. Living, enjoying banal everyday life with others, crossing the network of associative and solidarity forms, is what today we can start thinking and practicing again, despite everything.

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