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Steam announces the list of 12 annual “best selling” platinum games! 4 games on the list for the first time-Free News 3C Technology

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(Photo taken from Steam official website)

The well-known digital game publishing platform Steam announced the “2021 Best Selling” game list. The statistics will cover the game itself, in-game purchase transactions and subsequent downloadable content of the game from January 1st to December 15th. , Referred to as DLC), lists the top 100 “best-selling” games based on the total annual sales of each game. Except for a number of games that have been released for many years, they continue to be on the list, showing that they are deeply supported by enthusiastic players The degree remains undiminished. In particular, many games released in 2021 made their debut this time.

The top 100 top-selling games this year are divided into four levels according to the sales amount from high to low: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The 12 most watched “Platinum” best-selling games are made, among which, “Dota 2”,“Absolute Force: Global Offensive”(CS:GO) and “Grand Theft Auto V” these three games have been consecutive for 6 consecutive years. There are five more that have been released for more than a year, including: “PUBG”, “Rainbow Six: Siege”, multiplayer action horror games “Dawn of the Dead” and “Apex Heroes”.

In addition, the four works that made the list for the first time this year are “Platinum”: the Viking survival theme “Valheim” (Valheim) created by a five-person independent game team in Sweden, the military theme “Battlefield 2042”, The martial-arts-style battle royale game “Eternal Tribulation”, and the multiplayer online role-playing game “America New World” by Amazon’s game development team.

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In addition to the best-selling games, other annual lists announced include: best new work, highest popularity, early access graduates, best-selling VR games and popular controller games. For the complete list, please refer to the Steam official website.

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